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By FluxIt ·
of the universe is an emerging view in deep science. In fact, the universe is built on far more information than its capacity to store it. More interesting, the basis of the particle universe is digital and not analog.

This then brings into question what is our computer? Is it a computer within a computer like an infinite loop of video feedback or opposing mirrors?

Are we all Max Headroom of a sort?

What is the behavior of sureal numbers like infinite to the power of infinite. Why is the Earth at the exact geometric mean in terms of order of magnitude between the smallest particles and the largest galaxies? Both of which we cannot directly see. We only indirectly test and evaluate these objects.

Which is correct the Blind Watchman Argument or Intelligent Design?

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Good LORD!!

by Jessie In reply to INFORMATION AS A FOUNDATI ...

"And as soon as I figure out what you just said, I'll come back with a smashing reply." Danny Kaye - 1954 - White Christmas

My gut feeling says Intelligent Design... I just feel like the Universe is too ordered for there NOT to have been someone putting all the pieces together... but I'm sure we won't find the true answer in this lifetime.

Of course, then the question is, Is there truly order to the universe or has man imposed a pattern in order to "wrap his mind" around the chaos?

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by FluxIt In reply to Good LORD!!

Chaos is a perfectly orders indeterminant system.

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But only as described by man!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to CHAOS IS ORDERED

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Mathematics is...

by FluxIt In reply to But only as described by ...

the language of the universe. It is consistent everywhere.

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Or so we Postulate

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Mathematics is...

Just like an electron can only exist in one plane either up or down which can be con strewed as a 0 or 1 if you want to look at it in binary terms.

We are constantly trying to find order in what may very well be a disorganized Universe and because we lack the ability to prove the hypotheses that is exactly what they remain nothing more and nothing less.

Man kind can look at something and expect to find order and even establish order where none exists and because they think that they have created order they just work along and never question the original hypotheses that brought the order in the first place and promote this hypothesis to a theory without the scientific testing that it requires in an attempt to show order higher up the chain.

Of course I'm only applying this to things like Quantum Theory and other sciences in their infancy that while are interesting are still no where the position of being able to prove the hypotheses that they are built upon.

Col ]:)

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by FluxIt In reply to Or so we Postulate

Math works in the Quantum layers as it does in the mesophysical and physical. The mathematics used at the Quantum level center on probabilitic or statistical outcomes rather than non-linear systems of equations used in the physical.

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by neilb@uk In reply to MATHEMATICS APPLIES AT AL ...

WTF? "Middle-physical"?

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Mesophysical? 1st, you make up your own rules of logic; now, you own words.

by deepsand In reply to MATHEMATICS APPLIES AT AL ...

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I'm afraid I might know what he means.

by Absolutely In reply to MATHEMATICS APPLIES AT AL ...

A quantum mechanics professor who had a very enviable reputation at this particular university, used the word mesoscopic once to describe a system containing a number of quanta such that its behavior fit neither the microscopic (quantum) nor mesoscopic (classical) descriptions well. I do not remember what the properties of this scale of system were supposed to be, but I vaguely recall that the professor thought it to be of no theoretical importance, nor to have much promise in technology.

But MrMiami, even if you used "mesophysical" meaningfully, and although quantum mechanics is described by probabilistic math, the microscopic phenomena described by quantum mechanics are also "physical", not distinct from the physical but a smaller scale of the same universe in which Newtonian equations describe macroscopic objects at sub-relativistic velocities.

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by FluxIt In reply to MATHEMATICS APPLIES AT AL ...

is a layer between the quantum and the physical layer. It is often used to describe where nano-technology acts since constructs like protien micro-tubules possess quantum properties like superposition.

I thought you guys were scientists?

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