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    Information backup


    by movieman1 ·

    I have a new computer. Upon startup, it created a D drive supposedly for the purpose of a backup drive. Now that I have used the computer for a while, I keep getting a message telling me that this drive is running out of space. I am also getting a backup warning that tells me that I haven’t backed up the computer in over 30 days. When I try to back up the computer, it fails only to tell me that there is not enough space on the d drive to do the backup. How do I get off of this merry go round.

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      Solved it

      by movieman1 ·

      In reply to Information backup

      Well, thanks to some information from this website..I answered my own question. There is a free download of a program named Partition Magic. It allowed me to create some unallocated space and then absorb it into the recovery drive. This way I was able to make some free room in the recovery drive and do a backup. Sometimes I scare myself.

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