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information management

By uj_miangel ·
why is it that information management has become harder to us students?

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Maybe its the Students

by JimHM In reply to information management

Maybe its the Students that are smart enough for a simple and easy course schedule as Information Management, or maybe they are in the wrong Degree program.... - Was I politically Incorrect!

When I got my degree - in 1980's in Computer Science and Math - Courses like - Compilers / Inturrpeters (you had to write one), Assembler, C-Coding, Calc 1 - 4, Trig, Theroy of Equations ... where just some of the simpler courses that were on the list... don't want to have that logic course - where we had to write the processes of lighting a match... (Think about it from someone that has never seen a match or match box/book)..

Gee - and these kids are crying about Basic Math (used in accounting), Project tracking and task writing ... DAh :-) - Lets see ... ahhh

Sorry - No wonder we have to retrain these people fresh out of college .... What course are you having problems with -- Math - English Comp -- Project tracking -- Oh my such hard courses it cut into my Drink Beer and chasing Men/Women time ...

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poor course design

by Deadly Ernest In reply to information management

The problem is that what is covered by IT has expanded and it is changing very quickly. The people designing the courses have trouble deciding what should be dropped as outdated and how the subject should be broken up into sub groups. This leads to trying to stick more into the existing time frames. Don't have an answer myself as this is a hard nut to crack.

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Lazy students - and Poorly designed Course - and Bad teachers

by SkipperUSN In reply to information management

Its a combination of 3 things Unknown order but I believe it is:

* - Lazy Student who don't want to put in the extra effort to learn and do the work required to understand the subject. Gee I have to write a program that can reads a file and prints a list. They would rather copy it - from someone in the prevous years course. They don't want to read the books - student the text - believe because they showed up for class should get an B or A in the course.

* - Poor Teacher: Or college professors - they are pure Acc - only have been teaching and never in the field in the real world. There is something to be said of an instructor that has real world experence in this area. Someone that has actually don't project management in the real world - can pass along the pitfalls and potholes and problem areas you encounter. What actually causes project slippage -

* - Poorly designed Courses: The courses are poorly designed. Project management they have you using MS Project - with a defined project set of tasks alread defined. The students don't have to create their own time schedules - tasks lists. They don't have to project management from beginning to end... Again - to support the LAZY STUDENT...

Many it all goes back to the Student... Oh This is to Hard - Oh I don't have time to do that much homework - wha wha - It's just to hard - Mommy!

Hum - Need students that are willing to work hard for their degree and not coast along....getting drunk - and chasing men/women ... college is for education not - parting...

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