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    Information Overload, MS Office 2007


    by abs_tech ·

    I have been using microsoft word for 12years or more, this is the worse interface I have encountered.

    There is such a thing as too much information and the tabs rather than menu’s are confusing and display far to much to comprehend. For a person who has never used MS Office or has limited experience, wouldn’t stand a chance of using word to its best ability.

    OpenOffice I have to say, providing the software, with simple user interface and ability to save to .doc format, is a far better alternative, for FREE!

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      Doesn’t surprise me

      by j.lupo ·

      In reply to Information Overload, MS Office 2007

      I haven’t looked at OpenOffice or MS Office 2007, but it doesn’t surprise me. I have to keep turning off the clipboard popup when I copy and paste in Word 2003. That thing gets annoying when you need to do a lot of moving things around or between applications. It takes up reading space too.

      Microsoft needs to take a step back and re-examine what is in the best interest of their users – all their users. That is just my opinion though.

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      YEP – MS doing the old 1-2 shuffle

      by nehpets ·

      In reply to Information Overload, MS Office 2007

      We have 2 developers playing with Office 2007 at the moment, and they say the same thing, bloody annoying trying to find the feature! (A favourite MS Game)

      Guess they had to do something to just a new version and think about all those upgrades…

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      Maybe not so confusing,

      by alexander.david.r ·

      In reply to Information Overload, MS Office 2007

      I have had my experience with the new MS Office 07 products as well but I think that its a bit different. Its a new approach to the way the things are arranged and it gives a much better look to the old Word layout. I will agree that it is tough to find some of the features but the tabs make it alot easier than having to dig through tons of menus. Really it boils down to what your comfortable with, if the old layout of Word 97-2003 suits you just fine then I would say stick with that.

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        Office 2007 new GUI interface frustrating

        by garyec ·

        In reply to Maybe not so confusing,

        Yes, I have been a Word user for many years also(after converting over from WordPerfect). What I am finding frustrating with the 2007 beta is trying to figure out where to go in the new interface for common actions that I have been using in past versions of Word. An option for “Classic” interface would be very helpful for transistioning

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