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    Information Security

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    Cyber Security

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      Difference Between Information Security and Cybersecurity

      by henrycartersmith ·

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      These terms are often used interchangeably, as both are responsible for the security of computer systems from external threats. They are closely related and linked to each other but unfortunately, they cannot be used as a synonym of one another.

      To completely understand the difference between these 2 terms, we first have to understand the difference between data and information.

      Data can be anything from a bunch of numbers to a collection of characters like for example “5102051616” It only some random numbers as long as you don’t put any context to it, it won’t become information. So, giving meaning or context to data like for instance, the above-mentioned data is a phone number now that you understand the meaning behind this data it has become information. With that, it’s importance has also changed.

      So, information security is all about protecting information from unauthorized access and modification or removal.

      On the other hand, cybersecurity deals with the protection of all sorts of data including the data that does not comprehend anything.

      Information security has become a widespread problem and it is becoming difficult for companies to protect their data from external threats such as ransomware attacks, phishing, malware that can steal your sensitive data like financial statements, customers’ information.

      They can even lock you away from accessing your data. A complete cybersecurity solution is needed to ensure data protection and backup. Even the compliance regulators demand that from you. A solution where you can easily create a backup of all of your virtual machines in hypervisors such as Hyper-V, VMware, KVM, and Citrix.

      Also, creating backups in the public cloud is as important as creating a backup in on-premises infrastructure. For this scenario, you might want to look at a solution from StoneFly that is DR365V. It is a Veeam powered backup solution that is very flexible in terms of formulating a hybrid backup infrastructure.

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      difference between cybersecurity and information security

      by pooja1588142131 ·

      In reply to Information Security

      Cybersecurity and information security are related to security and are sometimes used interchangeably. Method of preventing data, computers, mobile devices, electronic devices, servers, and networks from getting affected by malicious attacks is called cybersecurity, and the method of protecting information from users who are unauthorized can modify or remove the data or affect confidentiality is called information security.
      Cybersecurity experts deal with advanced threats like data breaches, ransomware, network security, firewall security, mobile device-related threats, phishing attacks, etc. whereas information security professionals deal with data integrity, confidentiality, etc.

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