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Information Security - What degree program is right for me?

By cbauer86 ·
TechRepublic Community,

My goal is to reenter the field of Information Security. Preferably not an auditing position, but rather an internal security engineering position (administration/implementation/Incident Response…etc).
That said, I have one degree - a BA in Psychology. While I have 3 IT related certifications (A , CCNA, and ITIL), I don't have a formal education in an IT discipline – which, I feel has limited me. For this reason, I decided I want to go for a degree program. This takes me to my question...what program do I choose? There are so many diverse programs out there, it's hard to know which is ideal. Some I have seen are Computer Science (BA, MA), Information Systems (BA, MA), Cybersecurity (BA/MA), Information Systems w/ concentration in Cybersecurity, and Computer Science w/ concentration in Cybersecurity, to name a few. Another option is going for a degree in Computer Science/Information Systems and then earning Info Sec specific certifications to establish my concentration in security. What do you think?
Essentially I am looking for a program that I would currently be more or less qualified for immediately (my past experience and certs would suffice for admission and no GRE required), and one that would sufficiently prepare me to be a valuable employee, not just in the info sec community but in the industry as a whole. By this I mean I don't want a highly concentrated degree in Info Sec, leaving me with little knowledge and understanding of much else in the industry. Much is interdependent, so I think it makes sense to seek out a holistic program. I think this is a good idea from a marketability perspective in terms of gaining the edge necessary to landing a job, no?
Boston University seems to have a few good programs that seem to meet my criteria more than any other school I've looked at, but of course open to any other program suggestions.
Links to the BU programs I've looked at are below. What are your thoughts?
BS Computer Science – Accelerated Degree Completion Program:
MS Computer Information Systems – Concentration in Security

Any input, advice, related personal experiences...etc., would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Regards, Chris

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