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information tech certs to have in 2010

By jlmeyer01 ·
This question has been asked before, but I need a fast strong answer. I am looking for a high paying job (Don't Care Where - AT&T,Cisco,MicroSoft,Google..Etc) What I want to know is I am an 11th grade dropout with a ged and am 40 years old. I have worked in the tech field via temp agencies and using a BroadBand modem to get info and by building systems and getting OS through less than rep means. I dont't really want to go to college at this time. What I want to know is what certs should I download and study for and then pay to take the tests so I can list them on my resume for 2010 so I can get that $$$$ job starting tommrow? I was thinking about all of Cisco exams encluding the new one they have out right now that they say is so tough that only 26% who have taken it have passed it.

Tell me what you think

In answer to your questions I am thinking of starting out at Best Buy Geek Squad (Watching to much tv - "Chuck Season 1 and 2")

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Not going to make your decisions for you

by NickNielsen In reply to information tech certs to ...

Just provide some questions you need to ask yourself:

1. What part of your work do you enjoy the most? You should consider certifications in that area.

2. How much time is available for study, including any lab time if you can work it?

3. How much money is available for certification study and testing?

4. How important is that big money job to you? If you don't have the experience to back up any certs, you will still be considered entry level and may not get as big a paycheck as you like.


I suggest you edit your post to remove your email address from it. You have peer mail activated, so you don't need to post an email here.

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