Information Technology Thesis Topic

By ron76612 ·
I still have no topics for the thesis but there is still time... i also want to think of it and be able to work for it...

our topic must involve both software and hardware...

can you help me?

it can be anything around Information Technology...

hope you guys can help me...

thanks a lot...

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Sorry - am I missing something ?? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Information Technology Th ...

"I still have no topics for the thesis but there is still time..."

What exactly do you mean by 'STILL' - You've never posted anything before!

If you "also want to think of it", WHAT are you expecting us to do?

Hold your hand perhaps? Are you gonna pay for my round-trip ticket from Scotland?

{Silly typo>

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by ron76612 In reply to Sorry - am I missing some ...

"Still"- means i have time to think a topic over and over again...

sorry to be so arrogant... just looking around here if you may suggest some topics... I'm just too nervous because i don't know what to do, just saying the truth... so i arrived here in the IT website of professionals if someone may bring some ideas to my head... thanks for the reply...

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to the topic

by ron76612 In reply to sorry

we are now thinking for a wireless connectivity first... but we are considering the HW and SW requirement... it may contain programming but a little hardware must be applied... ex. attendance checker(the sms program that will send if your child is at school or not(cutting classes lolz)... our thesis is like that...

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by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Information Technology Th ...

... but doing your own Thesis is a requirement of the degree program you're enrolled in. If we do it for you, it won't be yours.

If you have a specific question, then ask. But, don't ask us to choose your Thesis for you. That's the whole purpose of a Thesis. Can you think for yourself?

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by ron76612 In reply to Sorry.....

im just asking for a possible topic because i think that my problem hunting skill is not enough... that's all...

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It's time to get your 'thinking cap' on ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to just

Forget about "i think that my problem hunting skill is not enough... that's all... " - this is not a problem, this is simply choosing a topic for your Thesis.

The problems come when you are assimilating the information for the Thesis, presenting it in an orderly and cogent fashion, then drawing your own conclusions from what you have discussed within it.

I suggest you approach your Tutor and discuss this matter with him. Doing so will NOT result in any de-merit.

I can say this with a degree of certainty (pun intended!) because in the Autumn of 1977, I was in a queue of 18 standing outside the Tutor's Office with exactly the same intention! :)

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by ron76612 In reply to It's time to get your 'th ...

thanks for the advice really appreciate it, in this time our tutor is monitoring our progress in the thesis, on how we deal on the topic and make use of our resources, its like we need more hard work and motivation...

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Thesis Topic

by joan_joan In reply to Information Technology Th ...

Do you already have a topic?

I suggest that you create a facebook hacker ..hehe

I hope i did help..

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little late question is almost 2 years old

by CG IT In reply to Thesis Topic
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You never know

by mamies In reply to little late question is ...

He might not of thought of one and this could be it for him. He will be handing it in a little late

Better late than never.



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