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    Informix, IIS and Perl… a frustrating combination


    by mike ·

    I have spent the dat trying to get Informix to work on an IIS box. I normal work in a Linux/Unix enviornment so admittedly it is probably easy for someone who know windows/iis.

    I have tried using ppm (Perl package Manager) and cpan to get the package on, but the best I have managed to accomplish is to get the ODBC DBI module installed without error.

    Can anyone tell me what I need to make the Informix module install and not fail or what I am doing wrong with my DBI connection to the Informix DB using the ODBC module.

    my $dbh = DBI->connect(“DBI:ODBC:database=xxx;,username=xxx,password=xxx”);

    I am probably in the wrong place, or have crossed too many topics, but searching and hunting for help/forum solutions have churned up nothing, so now time to start posting around.


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      Wrong forum

      by art.kagel ·

      In reply to Informix, IIS and Perl… a frustrating combination

      Mike, you’re in the wrong forum for Informix related questions. There are several highly active forums you can choose. There is a USENET group (comp.databases.informix aka CDI) which has an email gateway alternative ( and there are several topic specific forums maintained by the International Informix Users Group (IIUG – for members. Membership, like Tech Republic membership, is free for the sign-up. Once there the members pages offer a way to subscribe to the IIUG Forums and the CDI email gateway.

      Once you are registered you can post questions and get answers from knowledgeable users and IBM/Informix developers and support personnel.

      Art S. Kagel

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