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By Toni Bowers ·
What kind of topics would you like to see covered under Infrastructure Management?

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by admin In reply to Infrastructure Management ...
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Yes Excellent it works!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Excellent

Yes Excellent it works!

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ITIL processes?

by trillian_sk In reply to Infrastructure Management ...

Would this be an appropriate forum to post discussions about using the ITIL process model and its components?

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Poll to determine how everyone documents their network configs

by techrepublic In reply to Infrastructure Management ...

How do you document your network environment?
Many small/mid size companies are dependent on their IT managers/consultants, if they leave there's often no knowledge transfer or documentation on the environment.

How do you document your network environment (desktops, laptops, servers, server functions , locations, system info [software, hardware, patches] backup schedules, install and warranty dates, changes to the system, network topology ....

Please respond to this matix:
Tool(s) used for documentation ~
Size of your organizations ~
Nbr of Servers ~
Nbr of Clients ~
Nbr of Locations ~
IT staff size ~
Tool integrated with Helpdesk?

thanks for the response

Jim Davis
<How do you document your network?>
Network Inventory and Configuration Management

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by nanduri_vn In reply to Infrastructure Management ...

Technology Infrastructure means- Managent in THREE-TIERS
UPLINK-Technology Generation
MIddle-Level Managents- On-going or Sailing
Downlinks- Technology Transfer.
Issues can be detailed further for each Country.

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by ned2 In reply to Infrastructure Management ...

what exactly would u say is the difference bw a systems administrator and a network administrator?

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