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Inherited Rights

By tadaaa ·

I'm on a new project that is using Novell servers. My endusers have an Access database on the network and have a mix of Win 2k and XP workstations. I was asked to add a new person with READ only access. Using the manager's workstation, I clicked on Properties and added her with the Inherited Rights option and removed the checkmarks in the W,E,C,M and A box. She can still edit and save the database. What went wrong?


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by mrjay67 In reply to Inherited Rights

Not sure what went wrong, but im not a fan of using the IRF(inherited rights filter). I would just make her a trustee of the file or folder its in and restrict her specificly to read only. That to me is simpler then trying to keep track of IRFs. If you restict the folder and she needs higher rights further down just add her as trustee to the neccessary folder and reapply the correct rights. In my opinion its easier to track the trustee assignments then IRF.

Keep in mind that Trusstee basicly implies that you just are giving the user specific rights(restrictive or supervisory) not that they have more rights to something.


Jason, CNA

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by Mad Max In reply to Inherited Rights

You might consider setting up access's own security as well as file rights. Access has a nasty habit of doing things its not supposed to according to the file system.

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by tadaaa In reply to Inherited Rights

Thanks for both responses. I was trying to avoid the MS Access security settings, but I'll try both.


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by pierrejamme In reply to Inherited Rights

You didn't say exactly what kind of error they received. but, as previous posts submitted Access is not a good network database, and limited rights is even wore. See:

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by BudTheGrey In reply to Inherited Rights

I don't believe you can use NetWare's security to set read-only access to the database. Well, you can, except that once you successfully set the read-only part, the database probably won't work properly. IIRC, MSAccess *must* be able to create/modify the database's *.ldb file in order to work.

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