inheriting a network: checklist

I have acquired a client who just canned their net admin. I know thw fundamentals i.e. Changing passwords, deleting/disabling inactive accounts, scanning for rootkits, etc. However I was inquiring:
Does anyone have a checklist of "Things to do" when inheriting a network?


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more detail

by flip_wilson In reply to inheriting a network: che ...

please tell me some detail about it.

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I need a checklist of this type also

by shimswe In reply to more detail


I am an administrator for a small consulting firm and I am taking over a network for a client whom has fired their other IT company.

Do know of anyone that has put together a "handoff" or a "tunrover" check list?


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Network Administrator's Checklist

by fwang In reply to inheriting a network: che ...

Use this checklist whenever you acquire a position as a network administrator.

I. Review documentation
A. Note types of documentation available
B. Note locations where documentation is placed
C.Not gaps in the documentation.

II. Use documentation to explore the infrastructure
A. Servers
1. Quantity of servers
2. Operating Systems in use
3. Patches applied
4. Server Management tools
5. Processor counts
6. Average Utilization (CPU and Disk)

B. Workstations
1. Quantity
2. CPU
3. Memory
4. Disk space
5. Operating Systems in use

C. Network Operating System
1. Logins
2. Account policies
3. Password expiration
a. Password integrity checks in use?
b. Password retries, lockouts, timeouts
c. Password checking applications in use
3. Services
a. Printing
b. File shares
c. File mounts

III. Speak with Management and users
A. Assess current business needs
B. Assess potential growth
1. Number of users
2. Size of data sets
3. Operating Systems requirements
4. Application system requirements

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Nice suggestions and few add ons

by mikealfa In reply to Network Administrator's C ...

Simple thumb rule for your life.

1) What (Need)
2) How (Technology and solution, you will offer)
3) When

First of all, understand the nature of work of that client.

Then understand what tools they are using, then study the best practices, problems of those tools and draft your own checklist on the basis of earlier suggestions.

Go for kill buddy...good luck

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