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By sidvail ·
Recently I applied for a account managers position with a large, top notch network/communication solutions company on the west coast. Last night I received a phone call from the head of the networking division and we had a good talk about the position and it's requirements. The phone call ended on a good note with a feeling of being high on the list of possibles even though I did make clear I was more comfortable selling the hardware than the services.

Later that night I had a sudden realization that I was perfect for this position due to my belief in unified solutions and the efficiency of a properly designed and run network. As a network admin, I had seen the runaway costs and collateral damages due to disparate systems, poorly written software and uncompatible solutions. It is not just a sale to me. I know how much a good solution can help a growing business. For I've seen the flip side.

My question: Should I contact the recruiter to let him know of my epiphany? My belief in the service and hence ability to sell it? Or is this intrusive and self centered? I really do believe I'd be good at it and convincing to customers. I feel now that I believe more in the service than I do in the product.

Or should I let my talk with him stand and await the outcome.

More of a salesman/job hunting question?

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