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Innovative ideas for generating reach

By caroline181 ·
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Dear online community,
I need your help!
I am a working student in a small company in Germany. We are in the process of building our social media channels. Unfortunately, we still lack reach and innovative ideas for posts with which we could generate reach. An idea from another company that we found interesting was a bet between trainee and boss: "If this post gets X Likes/X times shared, I'll get my boss' Porsche for a weekend". Do you have ideas that go in this direction or other suggestions? Which actions of small companies do you know that have achieved a high reach?

It would be awesome if you had some cool ideas or tips for me!
Thanks a lot!

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innovative ideas

Never use the word "spam"
Case studies are your secret weapon
Use power words in your button copy
Use market research to inform marketing copy
Use a no-fail testimonial formula
Create an irresistible lead-gen offer
Leverage emotional marketing (even for B2B lead gen!)

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generating reach

It is now possible to generate publicity online very quickly and your business has the power to reach hundreds of thousands of people every day.

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generating reach for your site

by instapostlikes In reply to Innovative ideas for gene ...

If you want to generate reach for your site then you can use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Here you can get huge engagement for your site.

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Social Media Marketing: Mileage May Vary

by AidanSEO In reply to Innovative ideas for gene ...

Social media is a powerful tool, and can help small businesses very well. But like with everything, mileage varies depending on the type of business you run.

For instance, a wedding photography company would have better results on social media than a locksmith company. Why? Because the wedding photography company directly deals with visual media because of the nature of their service, whereas a locksmith doesn't.

Additionally, customers of a wedding photography company may want to keep up to date with their photographer, especially if they highlight their wedding photos on their business page. They can share those pictures with their friends on the social media platform, and refer friends who are planning a wedding directly.

Customers of a locksmith company don't necessarily want to keep in touch with the company on a social media site, they want their problem with a lock solved in a timely and affordable manner, and other than leaving a positive or negative review online depending if the service meets their standards, may never want to hear from the company again.

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