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input please- new keyboard for new hire?

By Charger Media ·
If you were bringing onboard a high caliber sales executive, would you give him a new keyboard or wipe down and shine a 4 year old keyboard and give to him?

This may sound like a petty scenario but I would like your input please.

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by Charger Media In reply to input please- new keyboar ...

The 4 year old keyboard referred to in the original post looks like a 4 year old keyboard.

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your call

by omie In reply to input please- new keyboar ...

If he is a high caliber salesman I think he deserves it. Remember he will be the one bringing in the business for the company. To wipe and clean up a four year old keyboard.. I think you need to do your economics . A new keyboard cost less than a $20 and it will you need an hour to shine/clean it up..don't waste your time unless you wanna do the windows too.

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Ask them

by Deadly Ernest In reply to your call

I would be prepared to provide a new keyboard, but would ask the person first. Some people prefer older keyboards as they are used to them, many of the new keyboards dont sit the same or have the same layouts and spacings.

Give the person responsibility and choice, but I would have both on hand. Given a free hand they may want a fancy infra-red or one with all the fancy extra switches.

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my sentiments exactly

by Charger Media In reply to your call

The company talked highly of the new sales guy and knew he was coming onboard 2 months ago.

I thought he should have gotten a new keyboard too. The company can definitely afford it.

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by TheChas In reply to input please- new keyboar ...

How old a PC is he getting?

If he is getting a 4 year old PC, the least of your worries is the keyboard.

If this sales person is as you describe, I would think that management would want to get off to a good start and show respect to the individual.

The PC should be no less than 2 years old, and the keyboard, monitor, mouse and mouse pad should at least look nearly new.

On further thought, why are you setting up a desktop for a salesman?

All sales staff (at least those who are expected to make sales calls) should be issued a laptop.
If a fair amount of in-office work is involved, then add a docking station with a keyboard and mouse.


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by MallardtooXX In reply to Expectations?

I agree with chas. If this guy is as high calibur as described he should never be in the office. Also If someone is going to whine about the equipment then they are not really concentrating on their job.
For instance, I have a compaq deskpro 2000. It has a 233mhz pentiumII in it and a 3 gig harddrive. Everyone else has Either an AMD ATHLON XP 2700+ or a P4 at 2.5 + ghz. THe fact of the matter is I don't really need a fast machine cause I have the servers but I could whine that being in the position I am in warrants a new system. If the guy is as good as you say go to some place like staples and pick him up a $7 special. Like someone else said if you are gonna shine it up then you might as well get a mop too cause they'll make youdo the floors and windows next.

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laptop was my thought too...

by Charger Media In reply to Expectations?

I was told the day before he arrived exactly which [decrepit] keyboard and monitor to use for his docking station.

As it turns out, the sales guy only uses a laptop which meant all was for nothing!

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Might need a whole new PC

by generalist In reply to input please- new keyboar ...

Some sales people have fairly big egos and might think that they are being slighted if they don't have a new PC, much less a clean keyboard. Of course, that assumes that they are more computer literate than most people.

At the same time, I've known sales people that get by just fine on the older equipment because they use other techniques to manage their data.

A lot would depend upon the corporate culture and the age of the computer that goes with the keyboard. You don't want to rock the corporate boat too much but you also don't want to handicap the sales exec.

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It depends

by timwalsh In reply to input please- new keyboar ...

How a new employee is setup (office, furniture, equipment, supplies) says a lot about how a company treats its employees and about the company culture as a whole.

What is everyone else using? Will this be only temporary until a new computer is ordered?

It says a lot about your company that you are even asking this question. I wouldn't want to work for a company that is doing so badly that it can't affor to spend $19.95 on a brand new keyboard.

It's one thing if a new employee is at the low end of the wage scale. They almost always tend to get hand-me-downs. But "high-caliber executives" don't tend to stick around if they are treated like (or worse than) employees of lesser stature.

Take a newer keyboard away from someone else (or give hime yours).

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company can afford the $19.95

by Charger Media In reply to It depends

That's the sad part.

They obsess over profits until the point it crosses the line between thrifty and absurd.

I think it's time for me to move on.

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