Inputting data from a Excel form into a Access Orderform

By jacques.pardo ·
Normaly i make use of a orderform and ordersubform to enter orders of my clients.
As normal, when i enter the clienID in the orderform, a new OrderId is autmatically generated as wel as all the rest of the client information is filled in into the form and the subform is ready to receive the orderdetails.
Now i want to have the possiblity to send orders from my clients with the help of my pda , via the internet and by form of a email to my database. Therefore i use a excel worksheet on my pda into which i fill in:
ClientID, ArticleId and ordred QTY. For the sake of compactness of the pda, the number of fields i use for the order are here restricted to three. This excel is as annex send by email to my database.
I have in my database a procdure to import the excel data into a access table.

My question is: Is it possible to import this three dataitems from the excel worksheet directly in the orderform and orderdetail form, so that automaticaly a new orderid is generated and the rest of the info of the client is filled in on base of the clientId.

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