Inquiry for Considering JAVA as Entry-level Career

By gplea1958 ·
I've done entry-level, network installs...VERY entry-level, with an old Netware 3.1x cert, and a A H'ware cert that I passed in '04, but I never completed the s'ware version, so, you know the rest of the story. The reason I'm looking at JAVA, and programming in general, is I'd like to do freelance work from home, due to my medical condition, as I need that flexibility. Also, I work MUCH better unsupervised. I LOVE customer service, but in this economy it seems the cheapest service that corps can offer is the first corner they cut. In addition, I did make the Dean's List at my community college back in the '80's when COBOL was in vogue, and the minim requirement in programming; so, I DO understand the necessity to knowing the logic how a computer thinks.

Having gotten my background out of the way, what I've gleaned so far is that JAVA is abounding in opportunities, training resources are very good, and accessible. So, if someone could offer more insight on issues I need to be aware of that I'm not going to find out accept on more personal resources like this, I'd REALLY appreciate it. I will say, I have a distinct advantage that I actually don't have to worry much about a "big" salary for personal reasons, although, I obviously don't work for free. I simply say that to say that just about any entry-level opportunities are attractive to me.

Thanks for any suggestions in advance.

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