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"insert bootable media in the appropriate drive" What? Help please

By T_2elda ·
There was a topic about this here it is
1) There's a non-bootable floppy disk in the A: drive
Solution: Eject it

2) There's a BIOS problem & it's not trying to boot your hard drive.
Solution: Enter your BIOS settings (Ususally by hitting DEL or F1 as your computer starts up - The Magic Key is usually announced on the screen at power-up). Once there, find your boot options and make sure that your hard drive (probably c:) is in the boot order.

3) Your hard drive is no longer bootable.
Solution: This is a little tougher. If you just need a couple of small files, you can probably use another computer to make yourself a boot-disk by following the instructions at Once you have it, you can put it in your A: drive, power up, and then navigate to your files using DOS and copy them off to floppy disks. If they're bigger, you may need to repair your operating system by using a bootable CD or hard drive before you're able to return your computer to operating status.
Alternate: You can always pull your hard drive out of your PC, mount it in a working system (a friend's or a work computer) and retrieve what you need.

It's not problem 1, it's most likley 3. But I have know idea how to do that, so can someone give me a dummies guide to fix this. I know quite a bit about computers, but I don't really know in depth. It's a windows 95 Hewlett Packard.

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quick fix

by mrafrohead In reply to "insert bootable media in ...

Boot your computer with your boot disk...

Then when at your C


C:\Windows\win /3

then hit enter.

That will start windoze for you and you can work from there to fix the problem from with the OS. You probably just lost your boot information.

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