Inserting CD in CD drive causes computer to restart

By vjwillis ·
I have a Dell 2400(I know, you feel sorry for me already). If I put a CD or DVD in either of the drives, the computer does an automatic restart. Once the computer restarts with the CD in the drive, then you can access it and do whatever you need to do.

I have reinstalled the operating system (Windows XP SP2). I have even tried to update to SP3. I have gone to the Dell site, flashed the BIOS, reinstalled the chipset drivers, and reinstalled the drives for the CD and DVD drives.

I even modified the registry so that the drives would not autorun.


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Couple of ideas

by nepenthe0 In reply to Inserting CD in CD drive ...

1) Boot into Safe Mode by tapping the F8 key during the early boot phase (POST = Power On Self Test). One of the Safe Mode selections will be:

Disable automatic restart on system failure

Select this with your arrow keys, then hit Enter.

2) Check the following Microsoft bulletins:

Please post back in this thread and let us know if you resolved the problem.

Rick/Portland, OR

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Problem solved - thanks

by vjwillis In reply to Couple of ideas

That took care of the problem. Thanks for all the help guys.

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by eltonpiko In reply to Inserting CD in CD drive ...

have you try a virus scan?sometime that can cause these sorts of problem.

try replacing the IDE cd drive cable with a new one connect 1 drive at a time & do a test see if that help.

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Check this out

by Jacky Howe In reply to Inserting CD in CD drive ...

Insert CD DVD PC will restart. I think that your Power Supply is at fault, so you can try this test.

Try uninstalling all Burning and Virtual Drive software. Restart the PC and then uninstall the Optical drives from Device Manager. Restart the PC and let them be detected and reinstalled.
Then reinstall only the Burning applications that you need. Try to read a CD/DVD.

If you can't read from it try this.

Download Prime95.

Prime95 is used to put your system at full load. You want your system at full load when checking your voltages to ensure your PSU is up to spec. The whole point is to make sure your PSU can handle what your system asks of it. When it is installed run it and go to Options and run the Torture Test. Run the Inplace FFTs (Max Power, Heat and some Ram).
If your PC restarts during this test you have a faulty Power Supply (PSU) and it will need replacing.

Download SpeedFan and check the Voltages and Temps while Prime95 is running.

You will want your 12-volt rail to be within 11.52 to 12.48 during load. This means when you are running your cpu at 100% you do not want to drop below 11.52 or you may experience stability problems including but not limited to system restarts and Windows crashes. For the 5-volt rail, you want it to be within 4.8 to 5.2 to be within the 4% range. As for the 3.3 volt rail, you want it to be within 3.17 to 3.43

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Agree with True Blue

by ozi Eagle In reply to Check this out


I've experienced similar problems and the power supply turned out to be flakey. Try a known good supply to check..


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Thanks for the

by Jacky Howe In reply to Agree with True Blue

vote of confidence Herb.

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