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    Inside Security Threat


    by daygo_171 ·

    I have an end-user who is trying to bypass company security by installing Messenger even thought she knows that it is wrong and against company policy. We filter all email attachments and have to check the .zip attachemnts on a daily basis for legitimate business needs. Her husband send her a .zip file of messenger. I also know that she has given her username and password to her assistant to use.

    The problem is this…………the end-user is personal frieds with the MIS Manager

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      document. document. document.

      by itgirli ·

      In reply to Inside Security Threat

      Print out any evidence. get a nice folder of it. Then you can either take her aside an explain the rules and that you have evidence that she’s doing this and needs to put a stop to it, or just go to the proper authority (if it’s her friend, then take it to that person’s boss) and have her called out on it.

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