Inspiron 1200 Display Problems

By chik3n ·
I have a Insperion 1200 Obviously lol and i was useing it one moreing just fine and dandy and i had shut it down because i was going out and when i came home i turned it back on and to my surprise something was wrong the letters were all messed upkinda just scambled letters were the words should of been and none of it makes any sense i turned it of and retryed to start it a few more times and i got it to start normally and i had removed a program i thaught had originally done it and while it was one i removed the program(uTorrent) and ram spybot and nortons and nothing showed up so i restarted my computer and ill be damned if it started all over again and it only gets as far as wether i want to start normally or in safe mode but all thte letters are scrambled just as b4 i just cant reconize the screen and ive tried to start it in safe mode and it gets so far and just restarts and if i tyr it again it just countinies it the endless loop and im hopeing it is just a softwear problem id really hate to have to pay for a new part or even new computer(GULP) so is there anyone out there with any simular problems or anyideas how i can fix it ??????????? id greatly appritate it very much

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by qhcomputingny In reply to Inspiron 1200 Display Pro ...

I have uTorrent on my new Gateway laptop and it works fine. I think it's just that, "Dude You Bought A Dell?!"

Seriously though, has to be a hardware problem IMO.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Inspiron 1200 Display Pro ...


If you can try booting from a CD or floppy and see if the display is OK.
If it is then the problem is in your OS or programs.

My first reaction to your post was "VIRUS" or similar.


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Experiment 1

by chik3n In reply to Boot

ok im pretty good when it come to computer imformation and softwear and hardwear on a basic desktop but as for notbooks i dont know didly about hardwear and the only way i can think to boot from a cd is try putting another OS on it and see if it looks fine i tried that and the letters were still scrabled together but could tell with a blue loading screen that it was trying to do something i dont know if i got a virus and maby corrupted a driver or what and if any other suggestions please feel free to inform me i really need help on this subject id love to get my computer up and running again

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