inspiron 3700 bios password reset

By lmod01 ·

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Two choices . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to inspiron 3700 bios passwo ...

1. Contact Dell for tech support


2. Put it in the next auction and let some other mug buy it.

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thats alot of help

by lmod01 In reply to Two choices . . .

well thats alot of help. already contacte dell. since it is not registered to me nothing can be done. there has to be some way of doing this.

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OK - then try this . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to thats alot of help**

Also: 1st Rule when buying at auction

All goods are sold"AS SEEN" (and tested)

If you bid for a 'comfy chair', you would check that its arse wasn't ready to fall out!

Yet, you bid for a laptop and didn't turn it on?

At auction - Buyer Beware!

<Edited for typo>

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try this

by lmod01 In reply to OK - then try this . . ...

dont post a reply just to run your damn mouth.

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I also have a password problem with a Inspiron 3700

by jim_doughty In reply to try this

I have tried many things. A paperclip can clear the 24C02 chip on some models. Unfortunately the Inspiron 3700 isn't one of them. I also tried several BIOS readers.

I'm stuck too!

People that reply and offer no help but only critism do not belong here. get a life!

Why is my email address posted?

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Dell bios password problem

by crawdoogie In reply to inspiron 3700 bios passwo ...

Dell laptops have a "master password" unique to each machine that you can use if your forget your BIOS password. You must contact Dell via the telephone and after a complete verification of your ownership of the computer, they will provide you with the necessary password.

You'll first need to become the registered owner by going to Dell website.

Just read and follow instructions. If you don't know the current registered owner is you will need the service tag and the express service code that is on the white bar-coded label that is on the back of the laptop. Dell says it takes about five days for the change of ownership to go through.
That being done you can now contact Dell and password. Go here for contact info:

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If I might interject guys

by tintoman In reply to Dell bios password proble ...

May I point out to you that when you post a question on this site your are requesting help from a very capable and knowledgeable group of IT professionals.
Some of us give up a lot of our free time voluntarily to help those who are sometimes less knowledgeable, or have a particular problem that they have not encountered before.
The fact is that sometimes we get frustrated by being asked questions which we will never be able to answer, usually for ethical and sometimes legal reasons, it is easy for us to be flippant at times and although offence might not be intentional it can appear to be.
We are not in the habit of offering advice on cracking passwords because we have no idea how genuine the request is, and as I have stated before, if anyone has a genuine need to to this the chances are they are in the IT business and would know what the procedure is.

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