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    Inspiron 7000 help


    by marc ·

    My laptop just started turning off by itself after about an hour or so. Then when I tried to power it back on I got a message saying “Operating System not found.” Before I could wait an hour or so before I could get back into windows now it doesn’t seem to load windows at all. I’m pretty sure it may be a hardware issue with my hard drive but I’m not sure. I don’t have the Diagnostics cd that came with my laptop 5 years ago. Nothing is useful on Dell’s website. Have you seen this before? Thanks

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      by hereinoz ·

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      Dying after an hour would seen to indicate an intermittent heat related hardware problem. It would now appear that it has become a permanent problem.

      It could be hard disk, it could be the IDE controller or any number of others.

      Really a job for a laptop tech I reckon


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