Inspiron 8500 - monitor suddenly stopped working

By shelly.durden ·
One day the pc was working day I booted up and it wouldn't come on. I immediately thought that the monitor wasn't working. The pc won't boot up and show display in regular mode but will boot up with display in safe mode. How can I fix this problem and how do I go about it? Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. Also, when I connect the laptop to a monitor, it displays just fine.

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If an external monitor hook-up is OK...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Inspiron 8500 - monitor s ...

It points to your problem being on your Nvidia GeForce4 4200.

Have you recently updated the Nvidia drivers?

Have you tried to roll-back your graphics drivers?

When you get to Safe Mode - with a display - have you tried "Last Known Good Configuration" as an option?

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Video Card Repair - Here's How !!

by chrisengland2 In reply to Inspiron 8500 - monitor s ...

In Safe Mode your video card isn't working too hard, with limited colors and resolution, and most of the video processing functions of the card aren't being used. In real/regular mode however, the video card uses more of it's hardware and draws more electricity. The capacitors (tan or brown) and possibly an inductor or two (black) near the connector where the card plugs into the motherboard have developed cracked solder joints, and for now, they're still able to handle enough power to enable the video to work in safe mode. They can't handle enough power to work in real mode though, so you get no video there. Find someone who can solder well, and have that person resolder the components near the motherboard connector, and it's not a bad idea to go ahead and resolder all of the largest 2 sizes of components (capacitors) on the whole card. After that's done, be sure to clean the card with a toothbrush and alcohol or flux remover. Let it dry & give it a try!

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