Inspiron n5110`

By utility57 ·
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was getting 4 beep sequence continuous til login screen, beep cmos battery, changed battery with one , lost video but no beeps, troubleshooted, bad battery, replace with another new battery, booted fine, restarted 2 times worked fine, returned laptop, person did use the laptop for 4 days, they tried using it today and was getting 4 beeps, no video, power button stays on, wifi indicator comes on, but no harddrive activity. had them pull main battery, drain flea power, still no go 4 beeps no video.. why did it work more fine twice and after 4 days it doing same thing again

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If you replaced the CMOS battery on the motherboard,

by wizard57m-cnet Moderator In reply to Inspiron n5110`

and you're sure it is a good battery, then my guess would be something getting ready to go kaput on the motherboard itself, possibly somewhere in the circuitry for the battery. Check the motherboard for signs of cracks, stress, heat or short circuits.

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inspiron n5110

by utility57 In reply to If you replaced the CMOS ...

thats what i was thinking as soon as i get access to it i will check it out, they are college right now. but is supposed to mail it back home for me to check out.. but i did remember seeing a site saying something bout in windows with 4 beep issue, but i cant even get that far.,. i had gave the laptop to her dad, she went back to college 4 days after get the laptop and going to school she did use it, upon im assuming the 4th day. she tried and was getting 4 beeps, no video but seemed like it was trying to boot, like it did for at first

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by robo_dev In reply to inspiron n5110

Four 'Beeps' indicate a memory issue, try opening the case, remove and reinstall all the modules and see if this makes a difference.

Either bad memory module, or bad motherboard, or maybe just need to reseat the memory chip

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beep code

by utility57 In reply to inspiron n5110

the beep code i have states its the battery, the memory issue i had after the battery replacement is that one module was not seated good so i reseated it and then it. then replaced the battery again and thats when it worked, it started twice and went windows. then after after 4 days of no use. they tried it and it started it again; no complete post, no video, CPU fan runs and the indicator lights come on but the hddrive has no activity

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