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    I have a major question which Instagram has simply ingored
    After being an active member of Instagram for several months, a few days ago my account was suddently deactivated without warning and without explanation. My page is purely an artistic ( no nudity) page , which features my favourite tv artist or series . All original photos are given create to the co-operations – so i was not solely claiming them to be mine. I cannot understand why my account was deactivated and instagram has been little help other than sending an automative email requesting that i send a personal photo holding an A4 paper with a number( they provide), name and the name of the profile.

    Now as my page is filled with creative art, i did not post a personal picture, but yet they are stating they need a personal picture to verify they are giving help to the right person.? . Which does not make sense as i did not add one to my page. Can anyone explain this to me as instagram has constantly failed to address this. Could it be instagrams way to further invade peoples privacy by bullying them into providing a personal picture by deactivating accounts and make it appear that either a rule was broken or the account was compromised.

    Please can someone shed some light on this?

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