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    Instagram fake accounts


    by bashar.tap92 ·

    Hello everyone,

    I have this problem that I have been searching online for an answer but I couldn’t find a solution anywhere. I found out about this forum so thought i’d ask here. I’m sorry if i’m breaking any rules or posting this in a wrong place.

    Back in October, someone created a fake account of a friend of mine on Instagram. Her profile is public so they used some of her pictures, and created an indecent account advertising a Wix website, asking you to pay money to view 18+ pictures, they even placed her pictures as a profile picture for the website. They requested to follow all the people on her friends’ list so as they spread the account as much as possible. We realized it’s a scam so we spoke with Wix and they took down the page, and we reported the fake IG account and it was removed within an hour.

    Couple of days ago, the incident happened again, another account was created using the same profile picture and the same website, and she had to go through all that stress again, but this time her main profile was blocked so as she can’t see the profile and report it herself.

    By the content created, i’m assuming the same people that created the one in October did it again this time. We had to go through the same process in order to get everything removed, and after some googling, I read that lots of people have experienced this exact same incident but nobody mentioned that it has happened TWICE to them. Also, it’s not like her account has a huge number of followers so that they have a high possibility of scamming a huge number of people.

    Any idea who is creating those accounts? or how to handle them and stop it again from happening? Is it possible there is an automated system that has a list of accounts that keeps creating fake replicas for them? Any advice or information will be helpful.

    We changed the account’s username, do you think this will be helpful?

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      Who? I’ve never heard they find out.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Instagram fake accounts

      But why is clear. It’s about money. You noted this money angle so it’s clear why.

      There’s no incentive for Facebook, Twitter or Insta to stop this. Don’t get upset about it is my advice and keep reporting fakes as you find them.
      Also, there are fake-instagram-account-generator web sites which you would think someone would go after but nope. Why? Money to be made by Facebook and the others.

      In the news, Olde Musky is asking about what percent of the Twitter accounts are fake. Those that sell the “social media” don’t want to know.

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