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    Instagram no poll no survey, how can i fix it ?

    by justin1010 ·


    Hey know somebody of you how i can solve the problem on instagram with the poll, survey stickers ? I dont have this on my main account. Its now still 1 year over that this was released. I need youre help to solve this problem.

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      by deborasumopayroll ·

      In reply to Instagram no poll no survey, how can i fix it ?

      Setting up a poll in Instagram Stories is easy to do. We’ll break it down quickly with some step-by-step instructions and then dive in to give you more information.
      1. Create a new Instagram Story
      2. Tap the sticker icon at the top of the screen
      3. Tap to select the “Poll” sticker icon
      4. Fill in the question for your poll
      5. Tap “Your Story” or “Send To >” to share your poll to your Story
      And now, on to the more in-depth instructions, complete with images to illustrate. You can create a poll using the poll sticker on any type of Instagram story, so open Instagram, create a new Story of any kind (though we’re partial to Instagram story videos), and tap on the sticker icon at the top of the screen. This’ll open up Instagram collection of stickers. Tap the one that says “Poll.”
      This will add a poll sticker to your story. Tap on the text to replace “Ask a question…” with the question you’d like to ask in your poll. Note that you can also leave this blank. You can also tap on “YES” and “NO” to replace that text as well if your poll isn’t a yes or no question.
      You can hold and drag to resize and reposition your poll. When you’re done, simply tap “Your Story” or “Send To >” to share. Then, just wait for the results of your poll to start rolling in!
      Once your poll is up, how do you view the results? You’ll notice that this is very similar to the instructions we shared in our post on how to ask questions on Instagram stories. Simply view your own story and then tap in the lower left corner where it says “Seen by X” viewers. This’ll open up a screen that not only shows you all the viewers, but who voted and how many votes you’ve gotten for each answer on your poll.

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      by daisy jones ·

      In reply to Instagram no poll no survey, how can i fix it ?

      Polls are a great way to engage your audience on Instagram Stories.
      Created a new Instagram account. From the new account. Go to create a story. Take a picture. Pick the poll sticker. Create a poll. Post it completely to your story.
      Turn on airplane mode.
      Switch to your account without polls. Go to create a story. Select or take a picture. Go to stickers. Swipe left to recently used and the poll sticker should appear there. It did not appear on the main sticker screen for me.
      Post the story still on airplane mode.
      Turn off airplane mode.
      Your story with the poll will show up and you should still have the poll sticker in the recently used stickers

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