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Instagram not working

By mayamaya1234 ·
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Instagram desnt let me post new pictures as well as load pictures, but only on my profile. The ones on my feed and stories load just fine. I treid logging in on my computer, but I have the same problem there. I tried logging out and back in, reinstalling, turning off my phone, clearing cache, turning off wifi, turning on the data saver, searching for viruses and I reported a problem to Instagram. Havent gotten a response.

Im thinking it could just be a temporary problem, or the servers are down for a while. I need some help/affirmation here.

Thanks :)
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by samgord In reply to Instagram not working

It must be a problem with your phone, as this is not supposed to happen. Ease up with posting, wait for a day or so and try again. It happens sometimes.

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both have problems

by burgostony2019 In reply to Instagram not working

Both Instagram and Facebook have been in trouble

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