Instal Small Business Server 2003 in a peer-to-peer network

By djheath ·
I have a new server with SBS 2003 on it and do not want it to automatically make itself the primary Domain server because it has to co-exist in a peer-to-peer network (XP Machines) for a while.
In the past when I have fired up new servers (pre-installed with the OEM SBS Standard) the Microsoft install automatically sets itself up as the primary Domain server. I can not see any way of skipping the step in the setup that does this.
Do you know how to do this please?

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I think you can just cancel the routine it starts upon 1st bootup.

by jtakiwi In reply to Instal Small Business Ser ...

Then you'll have that icon on the desktop to resume the installation of sbs2003 components. Alternately, just let it do it's thing the first, time, then wipe and reinstall the sbs components (really just use the first cd, i think and install server 2003). I can't come up with a reason why you wouldn't want it to be a dc right off the bat though. If you need non domain joined machines to access resources on the sbs server, just create user accounts and then when you access a share for instance, you will be prompted to put in credentials for that connection, and the option to save them. You can also map drives and you'll have the option to put alternate credentials on the drive mapping as well.

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Why not DC straight off?

by djheath In reply to I think you can just canc ...

Thank you for your response. It is helpful.

The exisitng site has just peer-to-peer and they are trying a new application which comes on the new server. They want to test the new app from their existing PCs but keep on withtheir normal work. Meanwhile the server will be on and off many times during the day as various changes are made to the app and they don't want to have to keep reconfiguring their network each time the DC goes away.

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you can't

by CG IT In reply to Instal Small Business Ser ...

you can install Windows Server 2003 and not continue with the SBS install wizard, however the W2003 server install will have some functionality restrictions such as it can't not join a domain, it can not be a stand alone DNS server, you can not install a standard version of exchange on it [goes with a stand alone DNS], DHCP ..CALs must be SBS CALs blah blah

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