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Instaling VPN server on VPS windows 12 r2

By Miloo_1m ·
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i have a VPS rented for 6 months and need to install the vpn server on it for 10 to 20 clients so they can use the uncensored internet .
my vps is located in Amsterdam and i don’t know how to setup my vpn? some pepole suggest OpenVPN, some other say use windows vpn server.
my vps has windows 12 r2 installed.

please some one help me to chose the best free vpn server application so i can connect my clients to the free internet.

i do not know anything about VPN server installation. but i have IT background and am able to execute any instructions you provide.

thanks. waiting for your response.
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For this, back to the VPN server provider on how to install.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Instaling VPN server on V ...

Also, what/where is this free Internet? Unless I go to some coffee shop or such I have to pay for internet access.

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which VPN server service should i use which is FREE. (NOT free INTERNET)

by Miloo_1m In reply to For this, back to the VPN ...

which VPN server should i install? OpenVPN or win 12 vpn server service?

free internet means uncensored internet not free of cost internet...

free VPN means not a payed service VPN server as i think openvpn has a payed service also which i dont want .

but i think windows 12 has a vpn server service freely on its server management tools

what do you mean by :
For this, back to the VPN server provider on how to install.

please help me to chose a VPN server service or application which fulfills my need:
1 it should be able to connect 15 to 20 clients
2 it should be free of cost
3 it can be installed on vps with win 12 r2


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Thanks for clarifying.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to which VPN server service ...

But still much to unpack.

1. The VPN server that was on some versions of Windows Server 2012 was exactly what it was. I can't write all that it was but it basically was "as if" you plugged your remote PC/Device into a network port that was served by WS2012. NO option to geo-relocate but hey, it was free of cost.
a, Read
b. If this VPN seems to go offline, try:
c. Given I see plenty of great tutorials on setup and use so I'll consider this subtopic closed.

2. As to OpenVPN you must ask them if they support any VPS instances of your choice of OS in the VPS. OpenVPN has a forum for such questions. Here's a starter but it doesn't seem to mention a VPS:

3. About the connect of up to 20 clients. That is not only a concern of the VPN server but the VPS offering. Microsoft had onerous license and restrictions on the number of connections. Your VPS host would be the one to answer if there is a limit on the number of connections to your VPS hosted server.
Example: Get the document from

Given there are 7 versions of Windows Server 2012 R2 with a range of VPN connection limits from user and VPN you either ask the VPS provider for this detail or just try it and find out. No one else will be able to answer this today given the story today (except the VPS provider and even then I find the cheap VPS providers don't know exactly what they are selling!!!)

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Thanks for great data

by Miloo_1m In reply to Thanks for clarifying.

I truly apologize for the late reply and am thanking you for the great and detailed reply.

Just a few more interesting points are there to ask you.
1. How can i use always on VPN or in other words how to install or setup VPN servers on the VPS?

I want a very simple solution so i don't mind to a have a third party apps like openvpn or...
The issue is i need it to be easy to install and easy to comprehend for the initial times till i get the configuration grip and skills.

Please help me on the server app selection and choose a windows base rather than a Linux one as i am not comfortable with command interface.

Once again thanks for your time.

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I write the above so you had a chance

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Thanks for great data

To learn that there are VPN connections, VPN servers and clients.

I fear this hasn't dawned on you yet but hey, it sounds like you want something that GEO-RELOCATES.

Since a VPN SERVER is NOT what you want given below:
"It is just for personal use. As we share the VPS rent together so i wished i could provide my investors a free and uncensored internet connection." you should focus on your mention of OpenVPN. The OpenVPN CLIENT is what you install on your server. If you installed a VPN SERVER on your Windows Server (VPS or not) then you DO NOT GET YOUR GEO-RELOCATION and the Internet is only as good as what your Windows Server has for Internet access.

-> So you mentioned OpenVPN so dismissing the VPN Server for a moment, install and get that working first. Once that is functional then you can explore turning on the Windows Server VPN to serve/shield the client connection to your server.

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geo relocate

by Miloo_1m In reply to I write the above so you ...

thanks for your response,
i think i need to clarify few points more.

it is me who has got access to VPS not my clients.
it is only me who has the Remote Desktop credentials to the VPS not any one else.

few of my investors are in Iran and few are in India and china,

the VPS location is Amsterdam,

so in Iran and china many of the Open market brokers and exchanges are banned either due to local legislative or some sanctions by the brokers, and they are not providing the financial services to neither of the countries where my clients are living...

but my investors(clients) are needing to be able to connect to these financial services by the said Brokers such as Binance...
that is why we need to have our own VPN service so i can share them some credentials and able them to connect to the Brokers trough our own VPN and not use any commercial VPNs as they are not reliable enough and costly also.

if i can configure and use the same VPS server as a VPN server for them and let them have access to the brokers trough Amsterdam IP, so the said brokers wouldn't become to know they are from Iran or India or the local censorship in Iran and china can not limit their internet access and prevent them from connecting to YouTube or Facebook as my clines need these services too on their phone and laptops...

now for this purpose i need a VPN servers App where i can let 20 clients use the VPS IP and bypass the censorship simultaneously through their phone or laptops.

i mean to say that we can have our own VPN server running on Amsterdam VPS and use Amsterdam IP to connect to the internet so the Brokers would presume them in Amsterdam and they can surf the web on their devices as if they are in Amsterdam geographical.

i hope i could clearly express my point and my level of understanding of the said technologies.

i am very much looking forward for your help and guidance.

once again thanks in advance

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After all this.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to geo relocate

It sounds like your Windows Server's Internet is good enough so no need for OpenVPN or Geo-Relocation.

-> You want your clients to connect to YOUR VPS Windows Server so for the first go you enable and configure Windows Server's VPN and begin testing.

I see I covered the setup above so you have work, testing and maybe some questions for the VPS hosting service.

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by Miloo_1m In reply to After all this.

yes you are right.
i have already enabled the remote access and VPN service on the VPS windows server but i am not able to connect to it true VPN client app on my android phone.
i mean the always ON VPN section of my phone.
i have already created a user and assigned the administration privilege to it yet i can not browse the internet on my phone which is connected to VPS by always on VPN.

what should i do now?
i mean the VPN services on my windows server are not working properly and it is not letting the android device to surf the web by Amsterdam IP...

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by rproffitt Moderator In reply to perfect

The Android VPN setup is non-standard. I did not find a Microsoft document so you'll have to dig around Reddit.


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by Miloo_1m In reply to Yep.

What about window os?
How would i connect them constantly?

What if i need to connect my wifi modem constantly to the said vpn? So all wifi connected devices also can use Amsterdam interested and surf the uncensored internet?

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