Instaling Windows XP OS fails on iQon Machine

By Cabanas$ ·

When I run the intalation CD to instal Windows XP Home in this instance, the CD runs and it gets to the point where informs that the system will now reboot.

When the system reboots it does not processed with the instalation process and of course tells me that there is not installed OS. When I press a keystroke to boot from CD the initial process is repeated.

A process loop is taking place.

The system does not have any recovery partiton as they did when installed with factory settings!

I can not find any BIOS update for this system either, to enable booting from other devices.

Many thanks for any help available.


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You don't give us much to go on here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Instaling Windows XP OS f ...

So does the Windows Installer find a HDD and ask you to Format it?

If it doesn't you need to either press the F6 Key when the First Blue Screen first appears or make a Slipstreamed Install Disc with the System Specific Drivers.

Assuming here that there is no Floppy Drive available the easy solution is to use a product like nLite to make a Slipstreamed Image with the Drivers for this computer which you can download from it's makers web site.

However if you get even the hint of a message that the system is unable to read something off the Install Disc there are 2 options the first being that the Install Disc is Dirty/Scratched and needs cleaning or that the RAM is mismatched or faulty.

generally speaking however if you have added more RAM and retained the original you will have a Timing Issue with the RAM so all you need do is remove all but 1 Module load the OS and when it is fully loaded refit the RAM.

Edited to add nLite is available free from here

Don't forget to look at the destructions for use available here

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Solved :-)

by Cabanas$ In reply to You don't give us much to ...


Many thanks for your very constructive approach to the prob and for your time in replying.

The problem as down to the HDD. The Windows Instalation disk would format the HDD and would identify it with previous windows files too. When I tried to run a FDISK program it wouldn't then pick the HDD up! So I changed it and BINGO! Could the sector or the HDD be damaged? Maybe.

What I will do with slipstream as you kindly suggested, will be creating a XP disk with the latest updates/SP! Never done it but will follow your links!


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It's always a good idea to test the HDD with their Makers testing Utility

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Solved :-)

If the drive fails the first test remove it fit it to another system and retest.

If it still fails the test the Drive is dead and gone to Silicon Heaven but if it passes the second test the Power Supply, M'Board or Data Lead in the first computer are faulty and need replacing.

As far as Slipstreaming a Install Disc this is very easy with nLite and makes you life much easier though it's no longer a Full Version of Windows and the Repair Function is no longer available so you always need a M$ Branded Windows Disc to work with just in case.

If you don't want to use nLite there is this Article that does the same thing

Though most people find nLite easier.


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