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Install 120 gbyte drive in Win 98SE PC

By greysonj ·
I'm trying to install a Maxtor 120 gbyte drive in a pc running Win 98SE. Using Maxtor's partition/formatting software, I partitioned the drive into three 40 gbyte partitions and formatted them. I can then copy individual files into Drive C. But when I try to re-install Windows from a CDROM, there is no response. The installation program goes through the ScanDisk operation, sends the message that installation files are being copied and then the installation hangs, going back to the DOS screen with the directory letter of the CDROM blinking. The computer hasn't crashed. I can still copy files into the C drive. But I can't get Windows installed. I'd really appreciate some help on this. I currently have a 20 gbyte drive in the computer and it does not behave abnormally at all. I can re-partition it any way I like and have no difficulty re-installing Windows.

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by A. G. In reply to Install 120 gbyte drive i ...

I'd try making a directory called Win98 on the C: drive and copying the cab files from the Win98 folder on the CDROM. Then run Setup from the C: drive. It doesn't take up that much space on a 40 gig drive and that way the CAB files are there when you don't have the CD around.


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by korgmeister In reply to Install 120 gbyte drive i ...

if the cdrom installation didnt work after a few try, i suggest you have to install it from a hardisk. it should be working.


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by greysonj In reply to Install 120 gbyte drive i ...

The suggestions were appreciated and tried. When I called "setup" from the hard drive,first nothing happened. The cursor just kept blinking. Then fooling around, I got a general drive read failure message. I also tried copying the files to a logical drive ("D:"), and the same thing happened.

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by dmiles In reply to Install 120 gbyte drive i ...

Check the motherboard manufacturer site for any bios updates

The cd rom may not be the first boot device in bios configuration
Boot computer at startup screen press the designated key to enter bios setup

In the boot device order select the cd rom as the first boot device

Reboot,using a windows start up disk(windows9 if available,select to run setup with cd rom support,it should then run installation,also you want to be sure that you have the first partition as the active partition

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Install 120 gbyte drive i ...

Does the M'Board support a drive that big?

If it doesn't and there are no BIOS updates that do you can only use a drive that size as a Slave Drive as the Maxtor Utility tricks the BIOS into recognizing the drive but when you attempt to install Windows to it the setup utility ignores the Maxtor utility so the drive effectively no longer exists according to BIOS.

If you use it as a Slave with 98 loaded onto another drive it should work OK but I very much doubt that you'll ever be able to install 98 directly onto that HDD. Of course you could always Ghost a Copy into the Default Partition and then run the Maxtor Setup Utility from there to create the remaining partitions or use something like Partition Magic or System Commander to do the same thing.

Your problem isn't with 98 but the M'Board or the way you have setup the partitions with the Maxtor Utility. If the M'Board can actually read a 120 GIG drive use FDISK to create a 40 GIG partition and then install Windows to that and then using System Commander, Partition Magic or even FDISK you can create the rest of the partitions as you want them.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Of course you could always add a PCI IDE Controller Card and get around that problem of th Hardware not being new enough to support the drive. That would be a lot cheaper than replacing the M'Board. CPU, RAM.


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by willcomp In reply to Install 120 gbyte drive i ...

Do what Hal9000 suggested, but first low level format drive using Maxtor's utilities and start from scratch using fdisk instead.


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by bipin002 In reply to Install 120 gbyte drive i ...

do dm of segate and again do fdisk when the place for disk size comes give % do not specifiy a number only give percentage other wise connect it to another machine and partition using partition magic and try again

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by Absolutely In reply to Install 120 gbyte drive i ...

I suspect that Maxtor's partitioning/formatting disk lacks the ability to make a FAT32 partition bootable, or that you forgot to do that. I would run Windows FDISK from a floppy, remove all your existing partitions and start over, being sure to make the first partition Active as well as Primary. As I remember, Windows FDISK will prompt you to make the first partition active, and will only make the first partition Primary, so you cannot go wrong.

My reading of the fine print that accompanied the Maxtor drive I bought recently suggests that there are very few situations in which they recommend that we use their software! My MaxBlast 3 CD says "Boot from this CD if you do not have Windows installed" but accompanying documentation makes (somewhat) clear that FDISK is really the way to go.

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by Absolutely In reply to

I haven't used Win98 recently, but doesn't it require that the system drive be the Primary Master? It looks like your 20G drive is still the Primary Master, and I vaguely recall that 98 can only be installed to whatever hard drive is installed in that location.

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