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install 40 licenses

By byteside ·
I need to install win xp pro on 40 computers. We plan to purchase one copy of xp pro with 40 licenses. My question is, how different is it to install licenses? Do I install the licenses on the server or just install windows like normal and MS will know at the time of activation that it is going to be installed on 40 different computers?

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by Sue T In reply to install 40 licenses

If you are getting a volume license for the 40 computers you will be given a volume license CD key number so all 40 will use the same license number and MS will know that it is a volume key. Volume license keys do not require activation.

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by byteside In reply to install 40 licenses

So I will acually recieve 1 cd that can serve 40 machines?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to install 40 licenses

The answer to your second question is YES 1 CD and in your case 40 COA's. How you install XP is entirely up to you if all the workstations are the same hardware you are perfectly entitled to install one copy and clone the drive 39 times or you can copy the install CD onto your server and load the computers from the server or you can load them individually it's entirely up to you.

At the same time you buy the XP licenses you should consider buying any other MS Software that you many need as you can get Volume License versions of things like Office and all other MS software as well as Software Assurance which is a 3 year contract which you pay on a yearly basis and get the latest version of MS products when they become available so you always have the current MS Products installed on your computers this is far cheaper than buying Volume License copies every time that MS changes their products.


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by JEPott In reply to install 40 licenses

Both answers above are correct... it depends on how you are getting your licenses. If you are getting a volume license then you will get one cd with one cd key (the volume license key) and there is no requirement to activate it. On the other hand, if you get 40 COA's then you will need to activate each individual machine (yikes). I would prefer the first. Hope that helps.

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by byteside In reply to

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by byteside In reply to install 40 licenses

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