Install a printer on a specific USB port

By CharlieSpencer ·
I'm trying to install a printer on a specific USB port.

We have a labeling application called Codesoft. It requires each label have a printer port specified in the individual label file. (No, that's not how I'd do it either.) We have several hundred labels coded to output to USB2.

The original printer died and I replaced it with an identical model. However, Windows XP SP2 considers it a new device and goes through the driver installation process again. WXP insists on installing it on USB3, regardless of which one of the five available USB ports I connect it to. The Ports tab on the Printer Properties dialog box does not show a USB2 port, just USB3 and USB1 (in use by different printer make and model).

Windows can print to the USB3 printer, but the labels don't print because they trying to come out on USB2, which has no device attached.

How can I reassign this printer to USB2?

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It's kind of a kludge

by TonytheTiger In reply to Install a printer on a sp ...

but what I've done in similar situations is to share the printer, then "Net use LPT2 \\machine\printer" then install/set your application to use LPT2.

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USB, not LPT

by CharlieSpencer In reply to It's kind of a kludge
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Yes I know...

by TonytheTiger In reply to USB, not LPT

I also know that you can fake it into beleiving it's an LPT. It was just an idea. Sorry it didn't help.

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My bad

by TonytheTiger In reply to Install a printer on a sp ...

You can also go into properties on your old printer, go to the ports tab, and check the port your new printer is on.

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Old printer gone

by CharlieSpencer In reply to My bad

Unfortunately, I've already deleted the old printer. However, the ports tab on the new one shows USB3, not the USB2 that I need.

Before I deleted the old one, I reassigned it to LPT1 and changed the new one from USB3 to USB2. It would not print from either Windows in general or the Codesoft app in particular. That's when I deleted both old and new printers and reinstalled the new printer again. It comes up on USB3 every time.

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my guess

by Tink! In reply to Old printer gone

is that this fix is going to go deeper than just the printer properties or deleting/adding ports.

My USB printers did the exact same thing btw. When I deleted the old and installed the's on USB3. Only for me, it's not a problem.

Perhaps you need to uninstall the "USB printer support" in the device manager? Thing is there are 2 and I don't know which one is to which port.

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Well it's possible that when you deleted the old printer

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Old printer gone

It has reassigned the USB Ports and disabled the USB 2 Port.

I would start by going into the Device Manager and select the Device Properties and look at what resources USB 2 has if it's actually there. It's quite possible that the USB 2 Port has been deleted from the system and renamed to something else like USB 8 or the next USB Port up that you have.

You're best bet if that is the case is to delete the USB Ports and allow Windows to reinstall the correct drivers when it's rebooted that may bring back the USB 2 Port and allow you to use this application as you need it.


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Device Manager no help?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Well it's possible that w ...

I've been all through the entries in Device Manager but I can't find any references to USB ports. USB controllers, yes; ports, no. I hate to ask for newbie-level guidance, but if you can find a USB port in Device Manager, would you detail how you did it?


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OK in device Manager open the USB Controller

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Device Manager no help?

Then right click on one of the Generic USB Ports and select Proprieties then in the window that opens check the Power Tab and they will give you the USB Port Number.

If you only have 2 available USB Ports you can try the Refresh Option available on the Power Tab and see if that does any good to bring back the USB 2 Port.

Failing that I would remove everything connected with the USB Ports and reboot in Admin Mode. When the computer restarts you should get a Found New Hardware Screen appear and it should pick up the USB Drivers and with a bit of luck reinstall the USB Ports as USB 1 & USB 2.

It really sounds as if when you removed the previous printer it's also removed the USB 2 Port and the system has defaulted to renumbering the available Ports to 1 & 3.

I hope that's of some help.


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Thanks to everybody.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to OK in device Manager open ...

I had to open the USB Hub Root since I didn't have a Generic USB Port to get a Power tab.

However, while y'all were helping me from the USB side, our graphics designer found a back door to mass-change the output port assigned to the labels. We changed them all to USB3.

I marked as "Helpful" any suggestions that gave me at least something to do, even if they eventually turned out to be dead ends. Who knows, some of these suggestions might be useful in the future.

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