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Install Big Sur on external SSD

By yovany2 ·
Mac Mac is not eligible for upgrading to macOS Big Sur. Can I install it on an external SSD for testing purpose?
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The short answer is No.

by allthismailisspam In reply to Install Big Sur on extern ...

An external drive, HDD or SSD, is controlled by the Operating System and the Logicboard of the computer, whatever a Mac Mac is, so the fact that the drive is external to the Mac is irrelevant, it's still the same Hardware driving it.

While it is possible that a "loader" will be developed to enable the installation of an OS on a Mac that does not officially qualify, I don't think there is currently one for Big Sur. The latest one I have seen is for Catalina.

Just what is a "Mac Mac"?

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Install Mac Big Sur on external SSD

by kimines In reply to Install Big Sur on extern ...

My answer is yes, this is allowed,but before doing it, it’s best to format the SSD to get a new one.
Then you need to download the macOS Big Sur DMG file,you can start here:
Then create a bootable macOS Big Sur installer for SSD (External drive).
And finally you can install MacOS BigSur on the SSD.
More infor from here:

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I call BS on this

by allthismailisspam In reply to Install Mac Big Sur on ex ...

The OP states that his Mac is not eligible to run Big Sur.
That said, if the Mac cannot run Big Sur, then it cannot run Big Sur no matter where it is installed, external drive or internal drive.
All drives connect to the computer that is not capable of running that version of the OS.
Your link contains good information, BUT, is only valid when using a Mac that is capable of actually running Big Sur.


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