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Install Clean XP

By RomeoGG ·
I have some problems installing windows xp.

I have this xp pro CD and when I insert it in my PC it won't boot, checked BIOS, cables and everything. Everything is fine. But the CD won't boot. I took another HD drive with xp home already on it and put it in the same computer. I started windows xp home and installed win xp pro on the other driver from the drive with win xp home on it. After that's done I took out the HD drive, with win xp home on it, out of the computer. Now My computer won't boot because the OS-boot list is probably on the other HD. How can I fix this problem...

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Request for Clarification

by robo_dev In reply to Clarifications

clarify....how did you install XP hard-drive-to-hard drive without the CD? Did you just clone the drive?

Was the target hard drive already a bootable XP drive?

What sort of error do you get at boot time?

Assuming it's a working XP install on the drive, and the drive letter is correct, then the problem is either the partition is not active or the Master boot Record is hosed.

You need to get to a dos prompt to run Fdisk and check your partition table to make sure it's active, and then you need to boot into XP recovery console and run fixboot and/or fixmbr.

Hate to say it, but you need a bootable XP CD.....

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"Press any key....."

by reds4ever In reply to Install Clean XP

A layman's answer: Many computers will not automatically boot from CD-ROM even if an OS is installed in the drive and the BIOS has been set to do just that. When the computer boots, at the short black screen phase a script should appear at the top left saying "Please click/press any key to boot from CD" or something similar. If you don't, then it won't. Occasionally this script won't appear at all so you have to know to press a key anyway. I learned this by doing a clean install of three old computers at home to save them from the scrapheap (and me a lot of cash!).

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by info In reply to Install Clean XP

I've made up a lot of CDs, or seen OEM ones that have been around awhile, fail to boot. Something must get corrupted in their boot area, so you can try all day long, and you get nothing. It's one of the things I miss about floppies vs bootable CDs or USB drives. Floppies almost NEVER failed.

Anyhoo, I made this recommendation on another tech support board, and a few Microsoft-heads went NUTS. My recommendation was to look out for viruses and download an XP Pro installation CD from a torrent site or similar. Heck, even a 'Pirated' one will do the job. This was why people went ballistic. "You're stealing!" they shouted, "You can't do that!" My thinking on this is that you have the license key code for XP Pro (don't you?). THAT is what you own, and it's subsequent installation onto your hardware. So long as you satisfy the requirements of that particular license (no porting an OEM installation to a new or completely revamped PC, although I've seen MS turn the other way on this one a few times), and your installation media matches the version and feature set of your license key code, you are completely within your rights. That'll give you your bootable CD.

Heck, even just use that CD to get the system booted, then sub in your XP Pro CD, and it should complete the installation just fine unless it's more damaged than you think.

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Does it boot from ANY bootable media?

by r_widell In reply to Install Clean XP

You must first determine whether the problem is with the media or the computer.

Will the computer boot from any other bootable media (UBCD, Hiren's, a Linux LiveCD, etc.)?

If it does, the the problem is most likely with the CD. And, if the rest of the media is fully readable, you can create a new bootable CD with the instructions found at:
http://www.nu2. nu/bootcd/ (remove the extraneous space between . and nu).

Otherwise, you need to figure out why the computer won't boot from optical media.

BTW, the "Press any key" messages I have seen were actually initiated by the bootable optical media as part of the booting process, not by the BIOS in the computer. Some CDs won't display this message while others will -- ON THE SAME COMPUTER. It's actually an option when you want to rebuild your own version of UBCD.


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