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    install info


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    i need to know how to install ACTIVESYNC 3.0 Thanks, zara zerby

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      Microsoft has improved on Windows CE Services 2.2 with their new release of Microsoft ActiveSync 3.0. (Note: Microsoft has changed the name of the synchronization software from Windows CE Services to Microsoft ActiveSync). ActiveSync 3.0 allows you to connect your Windows CE 2.0 or 2.11 Handheld PC, Handheld PC – Professional Edition or Palm-size PC to your desktop (Windows 95/98/NT or 2000) for synchronization. You can synchronize your PIM data with Schedule+ 7.0a (included), Outlook 97/98/2000. You will notice that the Microsoft has made the user interface similar to Windows 98 and that ActiveSync no longer requires RAS to synchronize. You can now connect to the Internet via proxy or modem, or a VPN without a conflict! You can download ActiveSync 3.0 from Microsoft’s Website.

      I recommend that all users read the following documents included on the CD before you install

      Note: You MUST have a minimum of 256 colors on your desktop’s display in order to install ActiveSync 3.0. Also, you can install over existing versions of Windows CE Services. I have personally installed ActiveSync 3.0 on Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. Also, note that ActiveSync 3.0 does not support Word Perfect for file conversions like Windows CE 2.x did

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