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Install network printer

By rzwoo ·
Dear all,
I wish to add a printer for one laptop does not belong to a domain. How can i achieve it? I did tried given the \\computername\\share printer name but failed. The domain is windows 2008 standard and the laptop is windows 7 professional. Please help.

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does the printer

by Sue T In reply to Install network printer

have an IP address assigned to it or does it connect directly to the server? If it has an IP address, you could add the printer by adding a new port with that IP address in printer setup.

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It is not

by rzwoo In reply to does the printer

directly connected to server. Are you mean by typing \\ip add\\printer name in the add printer setup? If possible can guide me the step? I found that, if those laptop does not join to the domain will have a difficulty to use the share printer from a domain workstation.

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try this

by Sue T In reply to It is not

Select Add a printer
Click on add a local printer
Select Create a new port
Type of port ? select Standard TCP/IP Port from drop down menu and then click Next
Enter the IP address of the printer where it says Hostname or IP address. You can enter whatever you want in the Port Name ( I usually put in something that tells me what printer it is). I usually uncheck Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use. Then click Next.
In the next window it will ask to install the printer driver. Select the driver you want to use or tell it where the driver is if you have downloaded it or have it on a CD and then click Next.
After that just follow the screens until it is done installing the printer.
Are you able to print to that printer now?

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I test as ur mentioned

by rzwoo In reply to try this

,thanks first.

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Connect to computer

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Install network printer

Go to Start -> Run
Then \\ComputerName it should ask you for a User/Pass as the computer is not member of the domain.
User name should be Domain\User or User@DNSDomainName.

Now you should see the shared printer, just right click on it and hit connect.

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