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Install two operation systems

By yuen931 ·
Hi, I just want to know how to install two operation systems in a computer with one hard drive. I am thinking to make a new partition and install the new operation system in the new partition, am I right?

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Yes you are correct sir !

by Oz_Media In reply to Install two operation sys ...

That's the basic idea. To make things easier, use a partition utility (i.e. Partition Magic or similar) to manage the partitions. Determine the size you will require for the partitions based on the OS's you are installing, don't cut yourself short. You will also need to configure a udal boot to setermione which OS to run. in a nutshell, you have the right idea.
You can get additional info at Tom's Hardware Guide (simple search to find this one)or in the case of Linux go here to get configuration guide (works tha same with other OS's too.

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not sure about partition

by yuen931 In reply to Yes you are correct sir !

When I tried to make a partition using partition magic, and they will provide a option for new partition for another operation system, I checked that. But where should I make the new partition at? at the front of the existing data or and the end of the existing data? I tried at the front and the computer could find the DMI system afterward, why?

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System Commander.

by jardinier In reply to Install two operation sys ...

See if you can track down a copy of the program "System Commander." It's easier to use than Partition Magic, will install on DOS or Windows, is foolproof, allows you to backtrack if you change your mind, and can accommodate any operating system.When you boot up your computer you simply have to use the arrow keys to choose which system (partition) which you want to enter.

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Sys Commander is another good utility

by Oz_Media In reply to System Commander.

You're right, Sys Com is easier to use but I think Partition Magic does a cleaner job.
As for the learning curve, if you aren't familiar with FDisk, SYS Commander is MUCH easier to use.
Partition Magic offers exactly the same features as System Commander when it comes to backing-up and changing your mind. But as said before, SYS COM is really easy to use.
Good luck with your system.

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by The Young One In reply to Install two operation sys ...

If you are looking at installing 2 Microsoft OS's, then do the following...using FDISK or Disk Management Console in 2000 / XP, create your partitions, like someone has already said, don't sell yourself short on space...leave ample space(including for page file.)

Install the older of the 2 OS's first (or if one OS is NT Based, then install the 9x version first).

eg. 98 and 2000, install 98 first on boot partition, and then install 2000 to second partition.

You can get really cheeky andinstall your programs all to the same drive Install Office 2K to C:\Program Files\Office in Windows 98, then boot into 2000 (where 2000 is installed on ) and install the files to C:\Program Files\Office.

Is great because essentially you only have one set of files but two registry entries for it. Beware though if uninstalling, as you'll need to copy the program files when you uninstall it so you can bring the files back, so the uninstall will work on your other operating system...

If ur not using MS OS's disregard anything i just said though :)

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You are correct

by ChandraFirestar In reply to Install two operation sys ...

I haven't used partition magic much but would have to agree with the one using Fdisk. But in my experience you do have to install the older operating system first. You can get a 98 boot disk from Dr. device or I would recommend 98se version. Make sure after you make the boot disk that format is on there and working or you could run into a hitch.

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