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Install/ Un-install Office 2k on Ser2k3

By someone ·
I consider myself a fairly smart person but Office
2000 on Server 2003 has had me stumped for weeks.
Also, I'm not real familliar w/Terminal Services.
My current installation works fine on the server
but it's not doing what it should do and, to be honest,inspite of all my research, I'm still not real sure of it's ideal behavior.
After this install, I figured out that I need to go to the command prompt and "change user / install" so, now I want to un-install this app.
so that I can re-install in "install mode".
I cant figure out how to un-install.
Frankly, I think the documentation provided by
Microsoft sucks! It's real punchy and the commands
are not straight forward which is my other handicap because I'm not real fluent in command line installs. I would like to put this problem behind me this weekend if someone would be kind enough to walk me through this. You can e-mail me
or my number is: 813-232-4217 call collect

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by dmiles In reply to Install/ Un-install Offic ...

First go to START, PROGRAMS,WINDOWS EXPLORER. Then go down to Office 2000, highlight it,Right click on it,and select delete. This will delete the folder and everything in it.
Then go to START, RUN, and type regedit, now right click on HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, go to find, type office 2000, then push FIND NEXT.
Every time it stops at office 2000 push delete, then push F2 to start the search again, until you are told Finished Searching The Register

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by someone In reply to Install/ Un-install Offic ...

Thanks for DMILES"S reply but,I get to the 1st file to delete and I get an error=ACCESS DENIED-cannot delete

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by someone In reply to Install/ Un-install Offic ...

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