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    Install Vista Business


    by firefox5000 ·


    What is better;
    To upgrade from XP PRO to Vista Business
    or to install a fresh copy of Vista.

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      by firefox5000 ·

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      Use [i]upgrade[/i] to preserve your settings

      by nepenthe0 ·

      In reply to Install Vista Business

      If you [i]upgrade[/i], your settings and files will be preserved. It’s always a good idea to make a complete backup before OS [i]migration[/i], and I would recommend that you obtain an [i]imaging[/i] application such as Norton Ghost to write an [i]image[/i] of your XP installation to an external hard drive:

      There is a very real possibility that, after several weeks of familiarization with Vista, you decide that you really don’t like Vista. If you have an imaged external backup of your XP installation, you can retrieve that in minutes and banish the Vista experience as a fleeting nightmare.

      If you decide to proceed without an image backup, I recommend that you run the Files & Settings Transfer Wizard in XP and archive this folder to an external hard drive or USB flash storage drive.

      Vista has a nifty settings migration tool designed to accommodate transfer between two computers, not the same computer. If you do a [i]clean install[/i] of Vista, I doubt that Vista will preserve your personal settings. However, you may be able to retrieve these from your archived folder (but don’t count on it).

      Good luck. I hope you like Vista, but be prepared for frustration and disappointment.

      Rick/Portland, OR

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      Personally, I prefer fresh installs

      by the scummy one ·

      In reply to Install Vista Business

      keeps the excess cr@p off of the new system. However the previous poster is correct for backing up or imaging your current drive first. Also, I believe Vista has a variant on the files and settings migration wizard, to copy settings from some applications (preferences) and some Windows settings, however I do not know for certain on this.

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        You’re totally correct

        by nepenthe0 ·

        In reply to Personally, I prefer fresh installs

        A [i]clean install[/i] is the preferred install. The only issue here was preserving settings/configuration.

        I once successfully ran the Vista settings wizard, copying the settings on my notebook computer (XP Pro) and transferring them to the desktop Vista installation. Unless [i]Firefox[/i] has working XP configuration, however, this won’t fly.

        One option would be to partition the hard drive and configure for dual booting, as Greg Schultz discussed in his excellent TR post:

        I have tried this, and my experience was not favorable. There is a better alternative, in my opinion:

        1) Remove the hard drive and carefully store it

        2) Obtain a new replacement hard drive and do a [i]clean install[/i] of Vista on the new hard drive.

        3) If there is room in the drive bay for 2 hard drives, reinstall the stored hard drive and configure the computer for dual booting as Greg discusses in his TR post.

        4) Run the Vista settings wizard to transfer the XP settings to Vista.

        5) If Vista proves an unacceptable disappointment, remove the Vista HD, but be sure the Master Boot Record (MBR) resides on the XP hard drive.

        6) Query for the Scummy One: How do you ensure that the MBR is safely restored to a drive if it resides on the one removed?

        Rick/Portland, OR

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      With upgrades all you get is trouble,

      by Anonymous ·

      In reply to Install Vista Business

      I tried it with Win98. Bought a upgrade disk with XP on it and nothing but trouble. Bought a fresh copy of XP, not as much trouble. The choice is yours but really do you want all that hassle. Get a fresh copy (not upgrade stuff), get Vista ultimate it has business plus more extras. But then that is your choice.

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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      I would go

      by rob miners ·

      In reply to Install Vista Business

      for the fresh install. Nice new OS without excess baggage. That way when you setup you are already in a new environment and not bringing problems with you.
      < add >
      You are not mixing two different Operating Systems. 😉

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      Burn your data, wipe and install

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to Install Vista Business

      Ripley manouver, “It’s the only way to be sure”.

      Never seen a windows OS upgrade work ever. First funny you get, (when do you not get a funny with windows) you’ll be doing the above anyway, just to see if it was an upgrade issue.

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      My personal preference is

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Install Vista Business

      A Clean, New Install even if it is from the Upgrade Install Disc.

      Upgrading only transfers the problems that you already had and incorporates new ones.


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