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Install Win98SE on Compaq ProSignia 330

By johnnytech486 ·
Someone gave me a Compaq ProSignia 330 P550 running on Win98SE. It was crashing/freezing frequently and had many many remnants and a bloated Registry. I tried cleaning it up but then realized that the best thing to do was to format and do a clean install. I do not have the Compaq original software but had a Win98SE disk of my own. I've tried to use it but the CD-ROM Drive won't respond to the disk. I know the drive is OK because I put in another disk and the drive started up. I also know that the Win98SE disk is OK because I earlier tried a simple re-install within Windows to see if that would stablize the situation (which it did not.) Also, I'm able to browse the Win CD on another computer.

Does this mean that the Compaq will only respond to a propriatary Compaq Win98SE disk?

Can anyone help me?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Install Win98SE on Compaq ...

how you get into Setup on compaqs totally different from others-may require setup floppy. in original condition probably you can enter setup right from within windows (check control panel if no compaq setup options available from Programs menu). but if win98 has been reinstalled, you might not have that available anymore. you can download and create setup floppy from compaq website (now as hp bought them while ago) it sounds to me like you need to enter Setup and set the compaq to boot from cd. it is all extremely well documented. try google-ing ProSignia 330 P550 and go the the hp links. hp bought compaq. everything you need to update this computer to it's original, or nearly, factory state is there. your computer does not require a proprietary version of windows 98se. but without one, you will need to augment your cd with compatible versions of bios update, motherbd drivers and hardware drivers etc all available in one place and well documented at compaq support part of you are looking for Softpaqs. and ROMpaqs...
specifically, you need computer diagnostics floppy version that includes Setup.
you can maybe work around having to do all that if you create a windows 98 emergency startup disk to see if BIOS settings will let you boot from floppy. 'with cd rom support' and access your win98 cd that way. if you have tried that and failed to have correct drivers load for the cd, put in a compatible cd drive or go to compaq website and get real mode drivers for that cd drive. compaqs are only strange in this Setup thing and that they have from the very beginning come from factory with hidden recovery partition. nowadays lots of pcs come that way. but used to be an odd thing. yours may still have it's original partitions...

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by johnnytech486 In reply to

Thanx Sarge!
Whole problem disappeared when I tried using another CD-ROM drive. The one in there seemed OK but didn't like my Win98 disk. Second CD-ROM drive not so cranky. MyBoot "A" disk was fine. I am left with a "PCI Serial Controller issue in Device Manager and so am glad to have your referenced links to go to so I can update motherboard/chipset drivers.
Thanx again and have a great weekend!
johnnytechneogeek. (finleymusic)

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by johnnytech486 In reply to Install Win98SE on Compaq ...

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