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install windows ME

By bpalomino ·
please, need help reformatting wiindows ME

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by ctrservices In reply to install windows ME

What make and model of computer? Do you have the original disks that came with this computer?

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by 3xp3rt In reply to install windows ME

The right steeps to follow are
1. Format the HDD
2. Install the OS
3. Install the motherboard drivers from the original motherboard CD
4. Install the drivers of your components (video card, network card??)

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by dmiles In reply to install windows ME

you have the Windows Millennium Edition upgrade (or Step-Up) product (rather than the "full" version, such as the one that comes installed on a new computer), you will need to have your previous Windows CD handy, because the Upgrade Compliance Check asks you to show proof of possession of a qualifying earlier version of Windows. You do not have to install the older version first, but you must insert the disk to show the Setup program that you have it.

If you are installing Windows Me on a new hard drive, you will first need to partition the drive.

To partition the drive, you use a program called Fdisk that's on the Startup Disk.

To partition the hard disk:

At the A command prompt, type fdisk, and then press [Enter]. If the hard disk is larger than 512MB, Fdisk asks whether to enable Large Disk Support:

If you want to install other operating systems on this computer, you need to know whether they can read FAT32.

When you are prompted about enabling Large Disk Support, type Y or N, and then press [Enter]. The Fdisk main menu appears.

At the command prompt, type 1 to create a Primary partition.

If you choose Yes, this uses up to 2GB for a FAT16 partition or the entire drive for a FAT32 partition.
If you choose No, you can specify how large you want the partition to be.

To make the Primary partition "Active", select Option 2 from the Fdisk main menu. Follow the instructions.
The Active partition is the partition that the computer boots from. You need to set the Active partition if you created both Primary and Extended partitions. If you created only a Primary partition, it will automatically be set to Active.

When all this is finished, press the [ESC] key to exit Fdisk. When you are prompted to start your computer, leave the bootdisk disk in the A drive and restart your computer by using the power switch or by pressing [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Del]

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