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Install Windows Xp on drive C

By smileicons ·
How to install windows xp in drive c(local
disk)and what are files needed to copy from
windows xp cd to drive c to install succesfully?

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by wcp In reply to Install Windows Xp on dri ...

By default, Windows will always be installed in C: drive unless a zip drive or a card reader is installed.

To resolve this,
1. Disconnect the zip drive or card reader before Windows XP installation then connect them after the Windows installation is done.
2. Or uninstall the partition and create it again during Windows installation in text mode.

If you need more info or help, please add a comment.

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by wcp In reply to

The files you need are those under I386 folder. How to start the Setup program from MS-DOS in Windows XP

In general, installing Windows XP from DOS is not recommended.

First of all, you have to format the HD in FAT32. There is no reason why Windows XP should be installed in FAT32. There is also HD size limit that can be formatted in FAT32.
Second, the installation would take much longer. Formatting the HD and copying I386 folder to C: in DOS would take as much time as Windows installation itself or longer.

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by wcp In reply to

You have an option to covert the file system to NTFS during Windows installation but you cannot delete or change the partition.

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by OnTheRopes In reply to Install Windows Xp on dri ...

I?ve accidentally installed XP on the wrong partition when a drive has more than one partition. It boots up fine but I?ll see that the OS is on E: drive or something instead of C: drive. The default is C: but apparently, for me, it doesn?t always install that way.

Now, I make written note of how large the partition is where the OS needs to be, the first partition on the drive. I'll start over again, choosing the correct partition by noting the size when prompted during installation. I only use the Windows install CD.

If you have an OEM installation disk you'll be prompted for additional drivers. On my pc's I can ignore that prompt and simply continue with the installation. I install the necessary drivers after loading the OS.

After ensuring the OS is on C: drive I open: "Control Panel/ System/ Hardware/ Device Manager" and look for yellow question marks for devices needing the correct driver. It's easier to have the required drivers at hand and ready. I usually will keep drivers in a folder on a flash drive and/or burn them to a CD. I'll copy the folder to the HD and install drivers from that folder.

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by dror In reply to Install Windows Xp on dri ...

just copy the I386 folder that exist on the original cd into some folder on drive c, like: c:\xp_files and then start your computer in dos mode with some floppy that support ntfs or from some boot cd and then get into the I386 folder and rub the winnt.exe file and continue from there.. cheers

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by arrowmaker In reply to Install Windows Xp on dri ...

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