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Install winos on mac pro ?

By omimkt01 ·
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Should we íntstall Win os on mac pro?? Which version is most suitable

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That all depends on what you want to do.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Install winos on mac pro ...

Apple make a OS and software that comes with every Mac and it works quite well though it is different to Windows and will not generally speaking support Windows Software.

None the less if you want to do any of the things that the Mac's excell at the installed OS/Software is the best available.

If you want to use it in place of a Windows PC then the supplied Apple OS and Software isn’t the best for your needs.

If you insist on using any Apple product just because it’s Apple and need Windows then the version of Windows that you are using elsewhere in the business or wherever is most likely what would be best for your needs.

As to if you should load Windows either Virtually or natively onto the Mac that’s your call and the version of Windows that you load is up to you as you know what’s best for your needs. I have some customers that are still using XP Pro quite happily and others who are quite happy with Windows 10 and all of the different OS’s in between.

Though personally the version of OSX that Apple provides for the Mac is the best for that device along with any updates provided. Here it all depends on what you want to do and achieve.

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Install winos on mac pro ?

by Olaf22 In reply to Install winos on mac pro ...

I have Win7 on my Mac and it's ok

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