install xp HELP

By braindeadright ·
I have vista on my primary computer the laptops run on xp and I cant network with the xp laptopots in the house with vista as the main computer on the modem and router. Wjy? so I thought I would install xp over vista. I want to install xp, so I went into SETUP and i made my cd drive the primary drive and hd as secondary in order to boot off the xp cd, well when I got to the windows install screen said NO HD. So I went back and made the HD primary and cd secondary. I cant run xp from the cd (merely insertng and installing) any ideas? what am I doing wrong? thanks

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by BFilmFan In reply to install xp HELP

You will need to remove the partitions that Vista created.

You may also want to note that newer systems may not have XP drivers available to perform a roll back.

You didn't provide enough information on why you can't network your systems as Vista and XP can be networked together. Exactly what error are you getting?

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by braindeadright In reply to First

the laptops running xp do not recognize the network on my desktop, I have used a flash drive to run the network on the laptops but when I go to the view networks mine doesnt exist, previously when I had my laptop as the networked computer the other computers recognized it, after I bought this desktop, they no longer recognize the network i set up on it. I dont know if you need more info?

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Make sure you have Public Folder Sharing enabled in Vista

by wanttocancel In reply to xp/vista

If you don't then the other XP systems won't see the Vista system on the network. To check to see if you have the Public folder enabled go to Network and Sharing Center option in Vista. I would also enable file and printer sharing.

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by braindeadright In reply to Make sure you have Public ...

did that already. I cant figure it out?

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Well it would be nice to know how you are connecting

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to xp/vista

These computers together here. If the NB's are on a Wireless LAN and the Desktop is wired directly tot he Router it could be that you need to Bridge the Wireless & Wired LAN's together in the Routers Setup procedure.

If you have everything on the same type of LAN then read these M$ Directions for Networking Vista.



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LLTD Responder is needed on each of the XP machines ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to install xp HELP

Each XP machine MUST have the Link Layer Topology Discovery Responder installed on it, so that they are visible to the Vista machine (which in your case is the controller of the network).


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by braindeadright In reply to LLTD Responder is needed ...

it isnt only that vista computer doesnt show the network, the xp machines dont recognize the network either, i tried downloading the LLTD but it said that i didnt need to (on the xp machine), assuming it was downloaded in an UPDATE?

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