install xp mce no cdrom toshiba g25 no restore disks help

By pbilly12 ·
i need hel[p bad
i have a g25 toshiba laptop
no recovery disks no usb ports working accept pcmcia adapter with usb ports
cd rom doesn't work disk keeps springing out
i have done everything in the above guide
with a copy of win xp mce i found on the net
boots into hard drive with dos and i start windows setup works
reboots and starts setup
and then get blue screen
i'm thinking that it may need the raid drivers for this laptop
i hit s and it says load drivers in drive a it does not take me a place where i can guide it to a place i may load drivers on the hard drive
so how do i load the raid drivers if thats the problem

do i need to buy the restore disks from toshiba and use them instead of the copy of win xp mce i found on the net,

what do you think the problem is?

it worked fine till i got a virus
and i could only boot into safe mode
now i cahave reformatted the disk
and i have no operating system on the didks at all

please help

i have installed dos 7.1 on the number one hard drive formatted into fat 32 and put the xp mce disk on the drive
booted up into dos on the drive went to wnnt exe on the i386 folder , and stareted setup
works and then reboots upon reboot i end up with a blue screen i'm thinking that in needs the raid driver to go further but how do get it to them
the only option i have is to go to floppy frive a which i don't have
it won't let me direct the installation anywhere else
how do i download the raid drivers and how do i put them somewhere that the install can find them or use them
or is the problem something else

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Look here

by seanferd In reply to install xp mce no cdrom t ...


Personally, I would not use a downloaded (and infringing) copy of XP off the net. You would probably be better off with the Toshiba CDs, as they'd have all the proper drivers already, but the above link will get you drivers, specs, etc.

If XP MCE was not the original version, it is definitely infringing. If you don't get the Toshiba OEM CDs, get a retail copy. The product key for XP on your laptop is only good for the Toshiba OEM XP installation.

Did you delete your restore partition?

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did not know it had one

by pbilly12 In reply to Look here

must have, i reformated the drive in fat 32
had no idea it had a recovery partition
and it had originally had mce on it
thats what i am trying to put back o it
if i ws to go to the hard drive and put the raid drivers on the hard drive so they would install where would i put them

would win 7 work this way better
or even vista
thanks again

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I'm not sure that you would need RAID Drivers

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ...

But none the less you would get them from the Toshiba Web Site.

But you would only need these if the system told you that it couldn't find the HDD.

What is happening here is something different again and if you have added any RAM you most likely have a Mismatch in that so remove all but 1 Stick and try to load Windows. Then if it installs you can reinstall all of the RAM and there shouldn't be an issue but if it doesn't post back with the Full Error Message that you get when the system falls over.

You could also buy a set of Recovery Disc's from Toshiba I'm personally not sure what they charge but other companies only basically charge a Shipping & Handling Fee for Recovery Disc's.


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RAID on Laptop???

by Mehul Bhai In reply to I'm not sure that you wou ...

RAID on Laptop???

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Some new NB support this option

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to RAID on Laptop???

You need to look at the hardware in use. Though in this case the SATA Driver may be called a RAID. This all depends on the Hardware Vendor.

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what folder Would I put the drivers on the hard drive setup is being instal

by pbilly12 In reply to Some new NB support this ...

Installed from an d would I have to delete the old drivers
Yes it comes from the fa factory with 2 drives

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You shouldn't have to delete anything here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to what folder Would I put t ...

But it would probably be easier to make a Slipstreamed Install Disc for this system with nLite if you are installing XP


just make sure the read the Directions on their web site here


Or vLite if you are loading Vista


The destructions for vLite are listed here



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i tried the memory thing taking out all but one memory chip i still get the

by pbilly12 In reply to I'm not sure that you wou ...

still getting same blue screen after removing one memory chip
ftied putting hard drive in the other slot also
still same
if i could just figure out where to put the raid drivers on the didk now maybe when it goes to setup it would find the right drivers
or at least i would find out if its a driver problem or not, if its not then
i'm kinda stuck don't know what to do next
any help would be apreciated
thanks for all the help

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