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Install XP Pro w/ SP2 on Dell PE 1750 Server - HELP!

By rl45401 ·
I am having an issue installing Windows XP Pro w/ SP2 on this server. I have two hard drives in the system NOT setup as RAID. The main HD has Windows Server 2008 Standard loaded on it. Works great for another 14 days but I don't have cash to even attempt to buy it. I already have Win XP Pro and want to install it but I am running into some issue.

1) I loaded up to the Win XP setup screen. I loaded my 3rd party SCSI drivers from LSI. LSI53C1020 for XP (I apologize if the driver name is off slightly, not in front of the server at the moment). Formatted the partition1 and it even loaded the setup files. After this, XP goes to reboot. All is good at this point

2) The server loads and then does the follow - "Press any key to boot from CD. . . . Failure loading operating system"

This is where I am lost. I've tried different drivers all with the same luck. Now, I wonder, is it possible to install XP via logged into the main HD with Windows Server 2008? Would this solve my problem? Is there another work around?

I appreciate any help and advice!

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