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By varney2oo6 ·
Hi there im am currently running the windows xp home operating system. my xp home disk has however been lost but before this happened i had an ISO image file of the disk on my hard drive. Now that i am wanting to format the hard drive and reinstall windows i am finding it hard as i have only got a dvd-rw. Can i burn the ISO file to a dvd-r disk and make it bootable. Also can this be done with Bios flash upgrades as i do not have a floppy drive.

thanks in advance
John varney

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Installation


Your DVD drive should also be able to write CD's. I recently installed a DVD R/W drive in my system and use Nero Express to write data to disks - there is an option to switch between DVD and CD writing.

If you are unable to do this, you have the option of installing the drive that contains ISO image in another PC that is able to create CD's, and then write the CD.

However, I am not sure if you would run into any problems copying the install disk this way.

As for your BIOS upgrades - it depends on the manufacturer. Some companies offer BIOS upgrades as .exe files, meaning you just run the exe file from within Windows, then reboot.

Good luck.

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by Kiltie In reply to Installation

Your first problem is ok, you should be able to burn an ISO image to CD using your DVD-RW

The other problem you have, that of not having a floppy drive, can be solved by using a CD to pretend it is a floppy, and boot from that. For example, you can create a CD version of the ubiquitous 98SE Start up floppy disk from an ISO download from the following link:

This I find very useful for things like FDISK and formatting of HDs, using basic DOS commands

On that site are other useful ISO downloads such as the 6 disk set of XPs floppy setup disks (but as a CD image)

Good luck

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Installation

You will have to convert the ISO image to a Bootable format, the way that you do this depends entirely on the Recording suite that you have installed. Roxio will just burn the correct Data to a CD placed in the DVD Drive as these can burn both types of media but Nero will only make a copy of the ISO image unless you go through the steps in the help file to convert the ISO Image to a Bootable Disc. Depending on the version of Nero this procedure changes so I would look it up in the Help File if you have Nero or any other DVD/CD Burning Software.

As for the BIOS you can make a Bootable CD and copy the BIOS Utility and Data Bin to that if that is what is required by your M'Board or like the above posted said most of the newer M'Boards support a BIOS Update directly from within Windows. This also depends on you're M'Board and the way of making the Bootable CD depends on your available Burning Software.

Though if you need to Boot to DOS I would fit a floppy even if only as a temp measure as it's Easier & Faster.


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by acracker In reply to Installation

It all depends on how you made the ISO image file. If it was taken straight from a cd into an image, then it is bootable and you should be able to burn it with your dvd-rw drive because I think all dvd-rw drives burn cds as well. However, if the image was not taken directly from a cd and put into an image file (ex: the files were copied off the cd onto the hard drive then put into an ISO image via some ISO image program) then the ISO may not be bootable. To test to see if it is bootable, try downloading and running Daemon Tools (
This allows you to mount the image into a virtual drive just as if it were a cd and then you would know if it is bootable or not.

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